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More crazy signs from 'lynch gay couples' NOM supporter

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I started digging around in my files and found a couple of photos of NOM supporter Larry Adams protesting Indy Pride with his creative signs. Pigs-In-Space.jpgThe one he chose for NOM's anti-gay marriage rally in Indianapolis earlier this week featured two nooses as the "solution" to same-sex marriage.

Now that I think about it, I've seen Adam's group's signs around town in other places. Projector Bethany wrote in to tell me that he regularly sets up shop on the north side of Indianapolis where he proudly displays other non-LGBT signs as well. She's sent in a few photos she took of some of his anti-Muslim, anti-Mormon, anti-NIV Bible, and anti-pigs in space placards in 2006.

Pigs in f--cking space. All I can think of are Maggie Gallagher versus Miss Piggy jokes now. I think that's kinda like Alien vs Predator, right?

The photos are after the jump. Warning: They'll make you feel rather skeevy.

Larry Adams' Cross Bearer Ministry Signs


Indy Pride 2006


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I'm concerned both about and for Larry Adams.

He seems to have a gift/inclination toward being, and/or being drawn to, stuff that is incendiary/outrageous.

To the extent that he was sincere about being attracted to guys, and struggling with it up to age 40, it sounds like he's a severely conflicted ex-gay guy, but without the filters learned from intensive and/or residential ex-gay environments.

These signs are disgusting. And I notice that the NOM people are holding signs with "handles" on them. When I was at the demonstration last week, the police told me I could not keep the handle on my sign - I might hit someone with it. I wonder why the cops didn't stop these NOM people from holding their signs with handles?

Growing up a flaming-homosexual-southern-baptist was interesting, and most certainly played a role into my eventual transformation into the beautiful (still flaming) vegan, hippy-loving, tree-hugging, godless liberal that I am today.

With that said, I don't know where all of this hate comes from. Even when I considered myself a "hardcore christian," I was filled with love. It was the church that forced me out of the religion.

But I nonetheless have a deep understanding of the bible, and I am always baffled at the hatred that spews from people professing the name of a loving man such that Jesus was. A man dedicated to the welfare of the people. A man who would rather associate with the unwanted than with the rich.

Sure their is a lot of 'questionable' tactics that question the 'loving', 'kind', 'forgiving', character that God is supposed to have, but the man Jesus, well he was a damn socialist. Or at least my vision of him. Actually my vision of Jesus may be off, because I have always pictured him as a George Berger in Hair.

Anyways, I find it amazing that the right causes such blasphemies to their god's supposed character, by condemning the acts he so cherished, and standing for all that jesus fought against.

Then again nothing makes since with it, and hence why my transformation occurred in the first place.

A lot of his arguments remind me of those Chick tracts, which say pretty much the exact same thing about gays, Muslims, and Mormons (is there a Chick Tract about the NIV now?). I don't mean that they're both fundamentalistically protestant, but that the actual arguments seem to be lifted from there, or both coming from the same place. I really haven't seen such an insistence on Islam being about a "moon god" elsewhere.

But the random citing of Bible phrases that probably have no link to the specific argument? Yeah, that's not really specific to these people.

Anyway, this Adams character seems to be less someone who was made to hate gays by NOM and more someone who'd be making these signs anyway and just showed up because he thought he saw his own kind. Considering he wasn't asked to leave, he was right.

I kinda like that sign featuring the II Cori. 5:17.

It's a good example of interpretation. "...Any Man be in Christ..." sounds more like a positive experience than a threat.

Chitown Kev | August 2, 2010 12:55 PM

Interesting that as much as he claims to love him some Jesus, not one Biblical quote in that group of pics was actually uttered by Jesus.

Why do I get the distinct impression that this whole thing is a great big sham? I mean, these are so very, very over the top: who would take them seriously?

I dunno, guys. I could be wrong, but I think Mr. Adams here is just having himself one great big laugh at everyone's expense, not the least of which are the Christian Crazies.

I can't decide wether the guy in the last picture, with the "God hates shrimp" sign is mocking the protesters or is one of them...

He's mocking them. A group of "God Hates Shrimps" and "Boycott Red Lobster" folks always show up at Pride to block the view of Larry's gang and drown them out.