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Anti-Sally Kern political ad

Filed By Bil Browning | September 24, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: homophobic behavior, Oklahoma, political ad, Sally Kern

This ad from homophobic Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern's challenger highlights Kern's outrageous statements.

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I'm surprised that you didn't note that Brittany Novotny, Kern's opponent, is a transwoman. To me this is one of the most interesting races this year.

While Ms. Novotny's politics may not be as extremist as Kern's, public perception-wise this is truly a battle of the far right vs. the far left in one of the most conservative states in the country.

Oh and it's also worth noting that if Ms. Novotny beats Kern she'll be the first transgender person to hold a state-level elected office in our country's history.

I deliberately left it out, Becky. I didn't want to paint the race as "the transwoman vs the homophobe." I don't think that Ms. Novotny's best reasons for being elected have anything to do with being trans, it's more about her qualifications and Kern's record.

There are three more commercials out there and I was going to use those to do a more complete article than just a YGST video that talked about her being trans, but I'd encourage you to do a post on it instead if you'd like. It is a good story.

I agree. I'm going to try to get her to do an interview. I'll be writing a piece that includes her soon but how that will shape up will of course depend on whether I get the interview or not.

More as I have it.

Imagine a group of gay millionaires secretly working for years to obtain freedom & equality for all. How Un-American can they get?

Has this nincompoop Kern ever listened to herself? I hope Rebecca gets the interview.

The ad is indeed well thought out, and would cause any reasonable person to consider carefully before voting for Ms. Kern.
Notice, I said "reasonable". I live in Oklahoma, where "reasonable persons" are few and far between. Whether a person is gay or straight here, all are terrified that their neighbors will thing of them as outside the norm if they stray away from the big lie.
Don't hold your breath for Ms. Novotny's election. Sad, but true -- this isn't the first instance of a gay person getting involved in Oklahoma politics, and won't be the last. But it won't be the first one to win, either.