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Because women's breasts are shameful

Filed By Bil Browning | September 23, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"We do not believe that it can be seriously disputed... that Hoosier society, in general, considers the female breast to be an erogenous zone but does not consider the male breast to be one: public display of the former is almost certain to cause offense and unease while public display of the latter is not. Just as "[t]he Constitution surely does not require a State to pretend that demonstrable differences between men and women do not really exist[,]" we will not pretend that female and male breasts are thought of in exactly the same way in contemporary Indiana society... We conclude that Indiana's public nudity statute furthers the goal of protecting the moral sensibilities of that substantial portion of Hoosiers who do not wish to be exposed to erogenous zones in public."

--Indiana Appellate Court judge Cale Bradford ruling that Indiana's public nudity statute requires women to cover their breasts in public but men do not.

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Does Bradford even understand what an erogenous zone is? By those standards, all people in Indiana should wear burkahs, as any part of the body has the potential to excite the owner or others.

What a moron!

Luckily, Judge Bradford has not seen much gay porn, and almost certainly hasn't witnessed the intense nipple play, both manual and oral, that goes on in gay bathhouses. And for the sake of male nipples on open display during all the humid Hoosier summers, I hope he never does.