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Hypnotic "Chloe" - Rent it, see it

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There are those moments in your life when you meet Chloe_4.jpgsomeone you know would somehow change you--that person you felt more than you thought--that you saw yourself inside of and thought yourself in terms of. Be it fleeting or lasting--those people do not die in us but rather live on in shocking revelations at usually inopportune times and have that terrible possibility of consuming us. Some movies can hypnotically capture this incandescence, this jouissance.

Atom Egoyan's 2009 movie Chloe does just that.

The premise is mundane: a physician believes her college professor husband is cheating on her and hires a prostitute to find out if this is so. It seems like a cookie cutter love triangle--we think we know he will be cheating, that the prostitute will sleep with him, that the wife will be devastated: but alas we know nothing.

The movie is as complex, non-linear, erotically charged and lush as Egoyan has become known for. Chloe is the enigmatic, dewy young prostitute played by Amanda Seyfried with Julianne Moore playing Catherine Stewart, the concerned, controlling wife, and Liam Neeson is David Stewart, the flirty husband in question.


The movie pivots on the fact that Mrs. Stewart asks Chloe to report back the details of the meetings with her husband. Seductive and powerful, her stories create an intimate quiet during which Mrs. Stewart (and the viewer) is captivated and masterfully controlled. This movie calls up from you and into you the yearning and drive that set those certain, startling moments apart from all others. It is hard to shake. See it soon. Chloe is now available to rent.

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We just gave away a copy of Chloe on TBP and I got to watch it. Fantastic movie.

Michelle Marzullo Michelle Marzullo | September 13, 2010 1:51 PM

dang!!! how did i miss that! this movie was so surprising for me. i saw it in a trailer before some random movie a few months ago and added it to my netflix. then i was bored and played it, expecting nothing, and was floored. it's so worth it--so unexpected. but i remember seeing exotica in a little funky theatre in connecticut back in the '94 -- before watching indie movies was cool -- and was equally impressed. it's nice to know that egoyan's talent has such fidelity. he's definitely one to keep watching.