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"Dear IRS:" Taxation And Civil Disobedience

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A gifted and intelligent friend of mine has reached the end of his patience with our government's pace at giving him the full rights he so richly deserves. He wrote this letter to the IRS several days ago.

Internal Revenue Service

Re:Taxation and Civil Disobedience

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you to inform you of my intent to pay my tax bill in the same way that the government of the United States has thus far chosen to honor my citizenship as a gay man: which is to say in as negligible and as slow a fashion as is possible. I am constantly amazed at the way in which the United States of America has chosen over and over again to use federal power to limit my equal treatment under the law and yet--inconceivably!--expect my full, willing fiscal participation in a system that favors its non-human Big Businesses over its citizens.

Do not be confused: I have every intention of paying my tax debt. In full. But, so long as the government insists on treating my partner and me as second-class citizens whose constitutionally guaranteed rights are less a matter of urgency than warmongering, I feel less urgently about attending to this bill in a timely fashion. On the day in which my rights are restored, we will take up this discussion again in earnest and with my happy participation.

Thank you,

Xxxxxx Xxxx, abused citizen

He enclosed a check for five dollars. I love this man.

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So he's going to file late and incur penalties (thus paying more)? Or is he just going to wait for the deadline, which is legal and no one will care about?

The letter is nice though.

I kinda wondered that too. If he only pays a small amount at a time, he'll get stuck with huge penalties. I hope that doesn't happen to him because it's one helluva letter.