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'Homo' means 'gay' in French; 'con' means 'stupid'

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Homocon happened this weekend, where a bunch of gay ultra-right wingers converged on an NYC apartment and complained about how the "gay left" ann-coulter-goproud.pngis ruining their sorry, sorry lives ("left" being defined as anyone who doesn't agree with them). That's gay conservatives' #1 favorite activity, so why wouldn't they do it at their conference? It'd be like asking people to go to a furry convention and only wear people clothes.

Their #2 favorite activity this is hyperbole. 150 people gathering to listen to a TV and print media celebrity? That can only happen because of "the rising conservative tide generally." The current state of gay politics is like "World War I" with activists engaged in "trench warfare." The 150-person conference that paid to listen quietly to Ann Coulter had "the 'same energy' as the radical ACT-UP protests in the 1980s." Oh, and anyone who doesn't agree with them is a "socialist."

So the big news out of the conference that is being covered elsewhere is Coulter saying that gays are really rich (citing no actual study because no one who'd pay Ann Coulter to speak at their conference would ever bother to check basic facts) so same-sex marriage shouldn't be recognized. I guess you just had to be there to understand her reasoning.

And all the while I'm wondering about what we do, not about the people at the conference who have most likely been exposed to better arguments and real facts yet would pay to listen to Ann Coulter, or about Ann Coulter herself who'll keep on doing her schtick as long as there are people paying her to do it. What do we do about the other people who listen to Coulter, et al., on a regular basis, getting their fill of the alternate universe conservatives have constructed and that's all they know about us?

Maybe we could stand to be a bit kinder to the average anti-gay voter who thinks that Ann Coulter is a reasonable lawyer-turned-author and that Fox News is a real journalistic enterprise. At some level, assigning blame to the people duped by the conservative media industry isn't productive - it doesn't win friends, it doesn't change hearts or minds, and it won't change anything.

On the other hand, what else can we do?

(The title is actually true.)

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I don't think you need French to see the reality of the stupid gays.

In related news, I'm having a beer with Chris Barron of GOProud tomorrow afternoon. LOL

Suvi-Tuuli Allan | September 27, 2010 4:39 PM

re the s-word: Stop the fucking ableism!

A Homo-'con'? How dare they steal the precious nerd language of 'cons' and use it for right wing purposes. 'Anything'-con belongs to the nerds and the nerds are ours, just look at how comic-con responded to rightwinger anti-queers. Damn repubs, they need to stop trying to pollute everything I love, like cons.

I actually am a real socialist though. The panicked on a right winger's face when you admit it, it's like the expression that someone makes when they call you a dyke and you happily respond with a thank you. Because they really have no idea what socialism is, they just use it as a buzzword because they think it sounds scary. "Eat your vegetables kids, or tonight the socialist will crawl out from under the bed and get you."

Gosh I wish it had been taped and put on youtube.

But then the commoners would have been allowed to hear what she said without paying.

Two words come to mind regarding GOProud: "Stockholm Syndrome".

con in French also has a very vulgar translation that would more aptly describe Mz. Coulter...

did you use it as a 'malapropism' or hope someone would get the double entendre?

Actually, "con" used as an insult french means c*nt. works even better in this case

I think it's worth mentioning another one of her gems: Marriage equality isn't a civil rights issue, because gay people aren't black.

Wow, so much to unpack there I don't even know where to begin!