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If "For Better Or For Worse" Should Turn Worse...

Filed By Don Davis | September 25, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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All things worth having have a "be careful what you ask may get it" element to the thing; same-sex marriage is no exception, and this is the potential outcome for half of all eventual Bilerico marriages, if national statistics are to be believed.

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What are the statistics for gay relationships without access to marriage?

i have no idea how the statistics might play out, except to offer this insight: as sample groups get larger, their behavior is more likely to mirror the behavior of the general population...which makes sense, if you think about it, because if your sample size is large enough, it is the general population.

Breakups happen without marriage. And they can be just as awful as a divorce, only without a system to sort it out. You might just end up in small claims court fighting over who owns what.

I care more about whether marriage improves gay relationships or at least protects gay individuals in a break up, than how gay relationships stack up against straight ones.

Gay relationships have the added stress of their relationships being stigmatized, which I don't think marriage will solve in my lifetime. I have no expectation that gay marriages will have a lower divorce rate. I'll be surprised if it's not higher.

i would be inclined to agree with every single darn thing you said here, and as to the issue of comparing how things stack up...i had no intention of trying to do that; all i was doing was explaining a mathematical reality that applies to all "group sampling analysis", which i took to be the focus of your original question.

In my book, divorce is worth promoting as a foundational benefit of marriage. It's less a symbol of failure, more a sign of people taking marriage seriously.

My family has witnessed a couple of 50+ year marriages which, while not violent, were phenomenally bad. A divorce-free relationship isn't automatically a successful or healthy one.

I look forward to seeing whatever happens with divorce rates.

i had to think about this for a while, and i have to say that there is no reason to trap yourself in a horrid relationship just for the sake of the relationship, and i hope that is an attitude that parents are passing along to kids, early and often.