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IN07: Campaign Manager Tweets Anti-Gay Slurs

Filed By Bil Browning | September 13, 2010 11:00 AM | comments

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Dr. Marvin Scott, an African-American Republican candidate for Indiana's 7th Congressional District, is no stranger to controversy. The perennial candidate, he is running against Rep Andre Carson, an African-American Muslim and has repeatedly faced charges of anti-Islamic bigotry by both his campaign and supporters. The tea party candidate's campaign manager, Stan Solomon, has kicked it up a notch lately on Twitter.

Not only is Solomon tweeting out xenophobic and racist statements, he's also using extremely offensive anti-gay slurs like "Gay stands for Got AIDS Yet?," "U should not allow queers around kids," and "Homosexuality is wrong & dangerous to everyone." He also calls for the murder of abortion providers, the destruction of the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and refers to African Americans as "niggas."


Dr. Scott should immediately fire Solomon but if his previous reactions to charges of anti-Muslim campaign materials and statements by supporters are any example, Solomon won't get more than a slap on the wrist. Screenshots of some of Solomon's anti-gay tweets after the jump.


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I hate to say it but it seems to me that if Scott were a typical white Republican candidate, he would have gotten pounded in the press for much less than Scott and Solomon have said.

Then again, our newspaper of record is a Republican mouthpiece and won't report on the misdeeds of their own unless it's unavoidable or it will sell additional copies.

Mike, I don't know what paper you're reading. The Star certainly is a rag, but it's not for any political reasons. But that's a different discussion.

I recommend my friends on the left do what I've done about Scott: Stop caring about his campaign. He'll be defeated, Solomon will go back to Ohio, and Scott will go back to Butler.

Now, if this was a competitive race, yeah, sound the alarms. But it isn't. He'll be gone soon enough and go back to being irrelevant.

but but but... I thought the Tea Party didn't care about gays and was just concerned about economic issues! Whodathunk they're just the GOP base all over again.

Perennial candidate and TeaPartier Marvin Scott won a competitive primary election to become the official nominee of the Indiana Republican Party for Congress. Stan Solomon lives in Indianapolis and has operated hate-talk radio programs for years locally. Nobody thought Greg Ballard could possible be elected as Mayor but he slipped in nevertheless.

These Twitters from Scott's official campaign manager display the utter depths of degradation and desperation of the contemporary GOP and must not be ignored. Such extremism as "SAVE UR SHOTS FOR POLITICIANS" endangers all the body politic and a civil civic society!

Dr. Scott is a Presbyterian. Perhaps he agrees with Solomon's comments. This race has been partly Christian Vs. Muslim, but we don't know if Scott is one of those "new Christians" or the traditional type.

Ugh. Besides the obvious, he also has poor use of grammar and bad spelling skills. His Twitter strategy needs some assistanc too.

For those who may be wondering,according to 'What the Hashtag', here's what his hashtags mean:

#tcot: This list was first placed on the web on November 28, 2008. In the short time since then, it has become a bit of a rallying point for conservatives on Twitter. You must primarily tweet on conservative themes and cannot be merely a "campaign profile" "political office holder profile" or a "radio or television program or publication promotional profile" to be on this list.

#ocra: Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance

#sgp: Smart Girl Politics: Relating to conservatives and conservative issues, specifically conservative women

Forwarded to COUNTDOWN and TRMS

Not to derail too much, Leone, but anyone is "allowed" to use any hashtag on Twitter. I use #tcot AND #p2 (the catch-all liberal hashtag) for tweets informing of new blog posts.

Of course, anyone can use hashtags. I didn't mean to imply that they couldn't. I just quoted the information that was listed in 'What the Hashtag', which is a third party social media tracking tool and user-edited dictionary to help readers who may not know the hashtags abobe mean.

It's not always right but it is a tracking tool. Here's the link if you're interested in seeing the information on any hashtag. Below is the definition got #p2

#p2: a resource for progressives using social media who prioritize diversity and empowerment, the "progressive batchannel", and an umbrella tag for information for progressives on Twitter.

"Dr." Marvin Scott is a homophobic ignorant slob, just like this campaign manager. Republicans should be proud.

"Dr." Marvin Scott is a Presbyterian, homophobic ignorant slob, just like his campaign manager. Republicans and Presbyterians should be proud.

@AndrewW, you could be more generous with naming Christian sects you feel should be proud of their homophobia & ignorance. Please feel free to include Roman Catholics, Baptists, and most other Christian denominations. You definitely expand your assignment of homophobia & ignorance beyond Christianity. Gays are not treated very well in predominately Muslim countries like Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

So, Dr. Scott and Mr. Solomon could belong to most any religious sect & provide a source of pride to some its followers.

Are you sure Mr. Solomon is a Presbyterian?

We have no way to tell the good Christians from the bad ones. many denominations are splitting because of us. I hope the provide some way to tell the apart, like "new Catholics" or "new Baptists."

Dr. Scott is Presbyterian. I don't know if his brand of Christianity will tolerate Solomon.

As someone who spends a lot of time trolling neofascist creeps on Twitter, I am familiar with Mr. Solomon and his antics. I am pleased and grateful that Stan's tweets were reported and that action was taken.

Question for OP/commenters: are there any legitimate ways I can help to fight these douchebags? I am handy with computers, am highly literate, and have 4+ yrs of experience managing Social Media Marketing, SEO, web development and design. I don't have a college degree so you can get me into a salaried position for cheap...

I have known Stan personally for 20+ years. His charm is his wit. He is anything but a racist. His remarks are designed to instill a response. His positions on any subject are always shaded by his style of banter. I admittedly cringe at his provocative style of communication on such sensitive issues as gays, abortion, etc. With that said, he is an entertainer, not a hate monger. SMILE y'all ... He is!! Hell, his wife is african american and I think one of his kids may even be gay.

Go Jerry Springer ... I mean Stan