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GOP, What Have you Done for me Lately?

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Editors' note: C.D. Kirven is a Lambda Literary nominated author of the book What Goes Around Comes Back Around, former Get Equal member and Co-founder of Get Equal Now.

Its ENDA Stupid Pic - CDKIRVEN.jpgIs that homophobia in your pocket or a gay campaign contribution? "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty!" Freedom comes at a very high price but the LGBT community has paid in full.

Rep. Pete Sessions and Sen. John Cornyn plan to attend the 2010 Log Cabin Republican National Dinner & Liberty Education Forum on September 22 - 23, 2010. Texas Republicans were scrutinized for homophobic policies in their 2010 platform. The Texas GOP platform advocates legislation that would make it a felony to issue a gay marriage license as well as perform a gay marriage ceremony and advocates legislation to recriminalize sodomy. The very divisive proposal states; "We believe the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of our society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit and leads to the spread of communicable diseases."

Pete_Sessions_AP_LM_Otero_112909(1).jpgIt is simply ridiculous to spread the misconception that marriage equality has become a Republican issue. The hypocrisy of Texas Republicans attending a gay fundraiser with no plans to take any action in support of marriage equality is simply disingenuous. The Texas GOP has made it very clear where they stand on LGBT rights and simply want to fill their pockets with pink dollars. As a proud Texan and human rights advocate, I say to Senator Cornyn: "Shame on you!"

I want a representative from the Log Cabin Republicans to name one thing Republicans have done within the last two years for LGBT rights? But some LGBT leaders constantly attack Democrats and the Obama administration for their inaction on gay rights legislation. Why haven't LGBT leaders denounced Senator Cornyn or Rep. Session's presence at a gay political fundraiser? The facts leave me wondering about equality and its economic bed fellows.

I hope community leaders willing to stand together to protest Target will also stand against financially supporting career politicians who make "anti-gay statements" a corner stone of their political campaigns. The Texas GOP has excluded middle-class LGBT families for years. After all, actions speak louder than words and we have waited long enough for our rights.

john-cornyn-on-mtp.jpgI do not have time to educate governmental officials bound by law to represent their entire constituency instead of an elite few. Senator Cornyn and Rep. Sessions both have a zero rating with the Human Rights Campaign and no intentions of publicly supporting LGBT equality. The conservative's song of "I will gladly give you rights Tuesday for a donation today" will no longer be tolerated. We've danced to that music for decades and my hope is that LGBT leaders will hold Republicans as accountable as they've recently held Democrats. A broken promise does not care about its owner!

A question must be asked of historically anti-gay politicians that like to do the campaign hustle: so what have you done for me lately?

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Both parties suck, but the Republicans are actively harmful.

When I hear other LGBT folk talk about how great the GOP would be for us, I scratch my head. However, to each their own. Barring a MASSIVE paradigm shift/and or disruption of the space-time continuum, I really don't see much of a chance of GOP making in-roads in the LGBT community in their current state.

It's almost as if they think that Republicans' repeated, stated beliefs could just change, wammo bammo, tomorrow. Because they're just nice people. Or something.

And Perdue and friends will be here to attack CD Kirven as pro-Dem in 5...4...3...2...1...1

You know since they have no interest in anything but our money--please ask them to wear skimpy degrading outfits and do a little cash dance so that as they look back they might feel some of the humiliation and degradation they have inflicted on our community.