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Next Stop: Minnesota

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Have you learned the pattern? Things percolate in a particular state where homophobes hatch strategies equal in strength to those in the pro-equality camps. Money flows in from out of state, and sometimes we win and sometimes they win. Meanwhile, the kids have decided that this bickering about all things gay is lame, and when they are adults, they will not understand how their elders could have questioned gay rights. We will ultimately gain our rights, and these struggles will be remembered as quaint as were our hair styles.

This fact does not let us off the hook. If we did nothing, the war would be protracted. I am particularly interested in the maneuvers of that doomed armada called the Catholic Church. I am quite certain that there are some Catholic bishops who actually believe that marriage must forever be maintained as something to be enjoyed exclusively by one man and one woman, but the real reason for their hysterical response to the inevitable prospect of gay marriage is not that opinion. It is rooted elsewhere, and it becomes perfectly clear in the latest battle beginning in Minnesota.

If you can stomach it, watch the two parts of a DVD to be sent by the bishops to 400,000 Catholics in Minnesota. The message is ridiculous and is enhanced by smarmy background music that I swear was lifted from The Young And The Restless. It warns that gay marriage harms kids and weakens straight marriages. It insults childless couples and divorced Catholics.

But what is the core message? What do these bishops really fear? It's not that sanctity will be bridged, it's that they will ultimately be coerced to perform gay marriages or lose their tax exempt status. That is the nutshell. As usual, the Catholic bishops' main source of agita is the purse. I am so deeply ashamed of these guys, many of whom have been my friends.

Here are their video productions about to be disseminated (thanks to that anachronism called the Knights of Columbus). Good God, are they vile (the videos and the knights).

PART ONE: http://kstp.com/news/stories/S1754713.shtml?cat=1
PART TWO: http://kstp.com/article/stories/s1754714.shtml?cat=63

What do you need to do to speed up the inevitable arrival of equality? You need to watch these videos with your straight Catholic friends and family. Pause the video when things get particularly odious and tell your friends and family why the untruths in the video are wrong. That is how change happens. In private discussion among friends and family.

PS: The newly launched Catholics For Equality has prepared a response that will be useful for the beseiged Catholics of Minnesota who wil be trying to cut through the crap designed to make them fear equality. Look for some great talking points at C4E in the days to come.

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No surprise there Father Tony. Power of the purse traces all the way back to the prince of Egypt leading a rag tag exodus and establishing the Levites to whom society owed a living. I'm sure you know the history. Highlights include every turmoil in every century since. Martin Luther revolted at the idea of charging for salvation. A thousand years before that Augustine argued vehemently against reincarnation because it would, from his perspective, inflict irreparable harm to the church control and authority including its pyramid of tithes.

In case anyone is not aware of it churches are exempt from paying unemployment contributions. Lose a job as a teacher in a church high school and you have no unemployment benefits unless that church voluntarily choose to participate which is the exception to the norm in most states.

But back on topic. This country is running a huge deficit. Why should any organization be exempt? Why should say HRC not pay corporate taxes on its revenue if it takes in more than it spends? Why should a church be exempt from real estate taxes on its properties? The whole system makes no sense except as a way to subsidize some activities which shifts the burden to other activities.

Those videos are particularly atrocious. Sweet Jeebus.