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No one's homophobic

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If it wasn't obvious before, we're now fully in the era where we just can't assume that an action is homophobic no matter what its effects orpalm-springs-police.jpg intentions are unless the people performing it say the word "faggot." But this is getting ridiculous.

That's all I'm getting out of this article from Palm Springs where police are investigating whether a "gay slur" was uttered, if so by whom and in what context, during their suspended cruising sting I've been posting about for a while. It was caught on video, but hey, that doesn't prove anything. They've been investigating the slur since June when it was mentioned at trial and written off by the county attorney as "just kind of an evil nasty insult to call a person that really does not have anything to do with their sexual orientation."

[Police chief David] Dominguez said he welcomes the scrutiny and expects to be interviewed.

"There have been some accusations against the department in a general sense about being biased and we know that's not true," Dominguez said. "Anything that comes to the attention of myself or the city attorney involving anyone, including myself, in this incident, it needs to be addressed and looked at."

Obviously, police calling gay and bi men "faggot" after arresting them for showing their dicks, which they did because they were encouraged by an undercover officer, should be given the benefit of the doubt. Who knows if they're homophobic? It's not like we can read their minds.

Moreover, the actual utterance of a slur doesn't matter. It's a sting operation that used undercover police officers (instead of sending out a uniform officer to scare people away or setting up any of a myriad of other, cheaper, simpler solutions to cruising in an area) to talk to the men and encourage them to commit more severe crimes than they had already committed for the express purpose of getting them on a sex offender registry. They know this tactic hasn't reduced cruising in the area but they continued anyway, and they're being investigated to see if they even cared half as much about public straight sex as they did public gay sex.

But who knows if there's homophobia here; the (at least) three-month investigation isn't complete. To paraphrase Chris Rock, what do you have to do to show you're homophobic? Shoot Harvey Milk?

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If they called the men "faggot" they should lose their job just as quickly as if they called a black person by the N word. Period. It's not professional.