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Politics shouldn't be for hacks

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Here's a story that won't get much attention, and it probably shouldn't. But it demonstrates one my biggest frustrations with politics right now.

Doles_Harley.jpgA gay activist thought he'd host a fundraiser for a Democratic state senate candidate in New Paltz, New York. He found out that the Dem doesn't support same-sex marriage, so he un-invited him from the funder. Here's Democrat Harley Doles' statement on the flap:

"When I understand the issue of gay marriage, I certainly understand the need for him to pursue what he considers to be a right that he believes he is entitled to," he said. "Mine as a State Senate district candidate is to represent the majority of the people in this community."

In other words, Doles is a hack.

There's lots of room to disagree and discuss the issue, and I'd be the first to say that same-sex marriage is more complicated than "for = awesome/against = hateful bigot."

But the "I have to represent my district against my own beliefs" reasoning always seems to work in one direction and only applies to certain issues. When the health care bill was being discussed in Congress and most Americans supported a government-run health care option, how many Senators did we hear saying they had to vote for it to represent their constituents? How many Senators have come out and said that they oppose ENDA themselves but will vote for it because it's what their constituents want? What about the current debate on the Bush tax cuts? Most people want them not to be extended on the extremely wealthy; how many federal representatives will use that as an excuse to vote for them?

I would find something more to respect in Doles if he just said that he doesn't like the idea of two dudes getting hitched and left it at that. Does he have polling to show that his constituents don't support same-sex marriage? Did he consider how strongly the various camps feel in his district? Did he consider the fact that New Paltz, for a brief moment, had same-sex marriage and does he know how people reacted to that? What does he believe is his role in government if his just going to enact only what his constituents want?

Or does he just think that this issue is toxic, doesn't really care one way or the other, and just feels guilty being called out on his position? Because that's about as explicit as he could get, that statement, to saying that he's just thinking about advancing a political career. If he has any talent and rises through the ranks, he'll be bought-and-paid-for by whatever special interest has enough money to get he vote in a few years.

Good for him, but not for the political system. Whatever happened to the liberal true believers?

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"What does he believe is his role in government if his just going to enact only what his constituents want?"

Ooh! Ooh! I know! I know!

His role is (1) to be elected, and (2) to be re-elected!

Of course, you-know-who will say it's about religion, and may mention fairy tales.

Now give me a hard question!

Not for hacks? Who would do it?

This guy is obviously a jerk. I'd cancel my fundraiser for him too - especially if he puts out statements like that one. Jeebus. It douns like he needs to know more about marriage equality and communications strategies!

Like I keep saying, the moderate Republicans moved out when the batshitcrazies moved in and carpet bagged their way over to the DNC thinking "well, I can call myself a Dem, just look at Obama, he's a red tie guy and everyone beleives he's a Dem"

*le sigh*

Going forward to 2012, look for 4 political parties. Dem's will be center right, Repub's will be right, Tea Baggers will be batshitcrazy right and some place on the left will be a newer party that has the real Dem's... (I hope they are, other wise I'm voting for Mickey Mouse)

There is more to this story than just a Demohack running against a rabid republithug - and I started a firestorm in the local DemocRAT party since I live here.

Actually the hacks are the DemocRATS who nominated Harley Doles (called the Karl Rove of Ulster County), and when Billiam started to challenge Doles, these DemocRATS attacked Billiam for doing this. Billiam was the impetus behind the marriages in New Paltz, and everyone in Ulster County knows he is a gay activist.

They told him to stay in the closet and not announce it. They all stayed home from the fundraiser, which was for the only NYS Senate candidate in Ulster, Sullivan, Delaware and Orange counties who publicly announced that he would vote for marriage equality - David Sager. Many of them blamed a DemocRAT County Legislator named Susan Zimet who hates Sager for some reason and claims she is for marriage equality but would rather see the rabid republithug win and vote against marriage equality (is there is a Susan Zimet in your town too?).

I went after these DemocRATS and was told by some muckitymuck chair of something or other in the party named Julie McQuain (who insists she is for marriage equality) who told me I “could risk being labeled a low information activist--or worse, a useful tool for the Republican Incumbent,” for telling the truth about Doles - same thing these DemocRATS were telling Billiam.

This is not just about hacks who are running but about hacks who are nominating them. These DemocRATS had a pro-marriage equality candidate vying for their nomination, but they picked Doles who even the Independence Party knew was a fraud (he submitted fraudulent petition signatures to get on their ballot).

So how about where you live? Are the DemocRAT muckitymucks really for your rights, or just telling you that to your face and calling you faggot behind your back like they are in Ulster County, NY?