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Tea bagger quits party because they fired "hang fruits" guy

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 08, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Last week Greg posted about Tim Ravndal, the president of the Montana Tea Party, saying on Facebook that he endorsed killing gays:


Over the weekend, Ravndal was dismissed by the group. The Montana Tea Party's secretary and house candidate, Kristi Allen-Gailushas, quit the group in protest:

allen-gailusha.jpgKristi Allen-Gailushas, secretary of the Big Sky Tea Party Association and Republican nominee for a Helena-area legislative seat, is quitting the group following its removal of president Tim Ravndal for anti-gay comments made on his Facebook page.

"They didn't even listen to Tim and what he had to say," she said. "They were just worried about the [Montana] Human Rights Network and the ACLU and what they were going to say."

The Montana Human Rights Network advocates for gay rights and had called for Ravndal's removal.

Ravndal was ejected from the group Sunday after a post on his Facebook page appeared to make light of the 1998 murder of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard -- a killing that has remained a symbol of anti-gay violence.

Allen-Gailushas said Ravndal wasn't even referring to the Shepard case, and that his comments were taken out of context.

She said she would submit her resignation from the association at Tuesday night's meeting.

Tim-Ranvndal2-300x223.jpgNow, obviously she's lying or has been duped, unless she thinks the conversation was about another "fruit" being hanged in Wyoming about 10 years back. Ravndal is saying the same thing, that he didn't know what the reference was when he was talking about the "Wyoming printed instruction manual." He doesn't explain what he really meant, and this seems like one of those cases where some people were joking on Facebook as if they were in private, everyone trying to one-up the others, and this is where they ended up. The idea that gay people are literally killed for being gay was abstract at the time, just a joke, until the media reports and the org's actions brought it all back down to planet earth. Like children caught by the adults, now they're covering their asses and saying that they didn't mean what they obviously meant.

She declared war on the gays, generally. A commenter on Facebook responded that gays can't shoot so the war would be easy, so Allen-Gailushas clarified that she didn't mean "a literal gun war." Which brings us back to the age-old debate: Are conservatives evil or stupid?

BTW, she has gay friends. Which... oh I don't even have the will to respond.

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Angela Brightfeather | September 8, 2010 4:38 PM

Geez!!!!! Was that her high school year book picture, or what? No wonder she wants to start a war against GLBT people, she never left the 60's. I hope she runs into a queer grizzly bear up there.

You know I thought I might be able to look at that picture and say maybe it's a bit much overreacting.It pissed me off hmm nuts grow in tree's.

Thanks for the update, Alex. This further proves that for all of their posturing, the tea party is going to have to pull its leadership together and clarify their positions on things. I think the tea party's success has been mostly due to the fact that they are very vague about their goals, and therefore, they can be anything to anyone. Libertarians think the tea party espouses their beliefs. Uber-right Christianists believe the tea party is here to take back America from the Muslins and the Heathens. Enter the crazies. There's little consensus about WHAT the tea party actually is, other than a reaction to President Obama's election. When they all get to Congress next year, we'll see how little they all have in common after all.

Just like when Democrats found out the hard way with Blue Dogs.

I am wondering if this could really be cluelessness on their part, although they'd have to be really, really clueless (and juvenile since he went along with a joke that was clearly about hanging people) to not know what was up.