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The Tea Party, Witches, & the Corporate Republic

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Editors' note: C.D. Kirven is a Lambda Literary nominated author of the book What Goes Around Comes Back Around, former Get Equal member and Co-founder of Get Equal Now.

Its ENDA Stupid Pic - CDKIRVEN.jpg"Yet this is a year... in which America must examine not only the candidates, but also the country - must ask not only who will lead us, but also where we wish to be lead. Entangled abroad and embattle at home, America searches for answers, not just to a specific program, but to one great question, what do we stand for," said Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy's statement is as powerful and relevant now, as it was in 1968. America can't afford to act in small ways. By electing unqualified candidates to send an overt message to avarice government officials about their inability to uphold inoperative nationalism we only weaken our country's appearance to allied countries.

The tea party's efforts of co-opting band-aid diplomacy as a political strategy is a deliberate attempt to appropriate misinformation and flood media outlets with a new type of "stovepiping" socialism. We send a very clear message that we do not care to advance civilized precepts so instead of returning to founding principles we only succeed in cheating democracy.

Sarah Palin's "Star Trek" proclamation; "Resistance is futile," at the conservative voter's value summit was more personal than political. Her support of Joe Miller allowed her a public vehicle to drive home her decade old family feud with Senator Murkowski. Her political vendetta played out on the national stage of this week's politic theatre.

Palin's vaudeville maneuvering dodges substantive issues and preys on the frustrations of middle class Americans who are faced with the realities of poverty. By reading the tea leaves, you can clearly see that this new conservative insurgency is anti-establishment only when it comes to consistently embracing birther fringe rhetoric that leaves out anyone LGBT, Muslim or pro-universal access.

The Supreme Court's decision to increase free enterprise's political reach will only further corrupt our electoral process giving way to unbridled capitalism. The tea party's witch hunt to dethrone moderate Republicans only serves Ms. Palin's self-serving agenda and allows this "accidental pundit" to continue her ad-hoc endorsements of unqualified candidates like O'Donnell who confess, "I've dabbled in witchcraft," but proclaim to be a conservative Christian activist.

Our country is still reeling from truth surrounding the consequences of the "Bush Doctrine" so to continue the polarization of our country by now adopting the "Palin Principles" will lead to self destruction. The economic warfare unleashed on middle-class families are a result of allowing "wedge politics" to dominant the national conversation resulting in the longest recession since World War II.

America's household net worth fell nationally by 3% which amounts to a 1.5 trillion dollar loss of wealth in Q2 for American families. This will only continue to deepen wealth disparities between the have and the have nots.

Is Washington working? When has it worked for the average American family?

The LGBT community can't afford to get sidetracked by the witches of extremist views. We need to rebrand our $712 billion buying power into $712 billion dollars of political capital.

Actually, gay republicans are at the source of the right's new conservative boogie that has tamed the shrew of the legislature's good old boy special interest party. James DeMint's recent statement that the "Republican Party is dead" lends to insolvency of the tea party's political correctness.

The crack in their immoral foundation will ultimately lead to the movements demise because these tea sipping catalyst are at the heart of our economic system's ineffectiveness by marching down a slippery slope blinded by pseudo populist outrage. The tea party has become the Trojan house of big business' grassroots PR campaign to sell the economically illiterate on limited government churning public opinion into unsecured socioeconomic wordplay successfully turning "stimulus" into a four letter word.

I agree with former President Clinton that the tea party's anger is misplaced because the referendum on our national identity was defined by the election of President Barrack Obama. They have unwittingly returned to the 20th century's "robber-baron" platform of manipulating domestic capital in order to exploit the plight of the average working-class American which is in complete contrast of true blue American populist ideals.

My advice to the Obama administration is to wrap your policy in actual pro-constitutional legislation by repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, by the immediate passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and by separating church from state allowing gay marriage to remain a personal decision instead of a partisan indulgence. Democrats have an opportunity to recapture voter enthusiasm by pulling at the strings of fringe political play which will help unravel the kung fu grip elite patriotism has on the average American's consciousness.

The administration needs to propose progressive legislation that allows congress to lead by example like privatizing the retirement benefits of Congress - turning the Civil Service Retirement Plan and the Federal Employees Retirement System into 401k accounts. We need to require a portion of corporate campaign donations fund an account to create new American distribution start-ups in order to overcome our increasing export deficits.

Reverse big oil tax cuts that have contributed to the slow demise of the US dollar and continues to contribute to US consumers dependency on foreign oil imports. Our massive federal deficit has accumulated so much debt over the last decade that it equals to the sum of 9.5 trillion dollars by the end of President Obama's first term which amounts to over 200 years of debt - if you combine the debt of all the US presidents prior to the Bush administration.

What does the tea party propose or help save our failing education system? We must acknowledge that "waiting on superman" will only succeed in crippling our superpower status and will also lead to more bridges to no where.

My question for tea partiers is where does the group stand on the economic injustice plaguing urban inner-city neighborhoods across America? The Obama administration is not the source of America's massive job loss or the cause of the deathly ill American middle-class dream. Our economic woes lay at the feet of corporate greed and the corporate republic's campaign to get board members elected to public office.

My open letter to the tea party is paraphrase Alan Greenspan "tax cuts don't pay for themselves". Our economic turbulence is apart of one central theme...cheaper, faster and start cutting at the bottom...leaving American workers out in the cold. So, will the real economic reformers and fiscally responsible warriors please stand the tea party can sit enjoy their tea!

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Melissa Villasenor | September 29, 2010 3:35 PM

Great job! I love to see people so passionate about issues which need to be addressed and who do something about. You are truly an inspiration.