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This is what persecution looks like

Filed By Bil Browning | September 29, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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There's been quite a bit of chatter over this video today. Many sites are proclaiming that the villain is a closet case and that's why he's so obsessed with a younger gay man. While he certainly sets off the ole gaydar, I sure as hell wouldn't want to claim him. He can agitate about the "radical homosexual agenda" all he wants, but the truly radical and definitely detrimental person here is looking him in the mirror.

For the record, while Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell claims that college student Chris Armstrong was elected student council president with the help of the Victory Fund, the group doesn't make endorsements or give contributions to student government campaigns. Armstrong interned at Victory Fund; that's it.

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The guy looks like a gay Ben Stein - only without the vivacious personality.

can anyone tell me if there are grounds for a lawsuit here against this POS?

Paige Listerud | September 29, 2010 6:56 PM

By putting nazi symbols all over your pictures and calling you the spawn of Satan, I'm raising awareness about the issues that you have, that I criticize.

Yeah. You're raising awareness that you are one closeted looney tune.

I don't know how it is in Michigan but I'm pretty sure that if someone on the California AG's staff did what this guy's been doing, he'd be looking for a new job.

The guy is a terrible communicator how the hell did he get out of law school with a degree?

Okay, seriously. What did he think was going to happen on AC360?

"Hey, crazy-dude-with-an-axe-to-grind, we want to interview you about your inappropriate, nazi-baiting attacks on a college student as a person in power. Can we do that?"

"Um... as long as you don't talk about my job, I guess."

"Brilliant. See you on national television."

This guy doesn't need to be thrown out because of political pressure. This guy needs to get tossed because he is a stupid, stupid person.

Hey! Don't blame me, I was in Minneapolis at the time...
Seriously, the bigger problem here is that Mike Cox, our(yes, I am from Michigan) AG, an evangelical who is so beholden to the far-right just can't bring himself to fire this guy. Thank GOD he(Cox)lost the republican gubernatorial primary last August.

Also funny is Shirvell claiming Victory Fund machinations while citing Alliance Defense Fund as a credible organization.
Is he, A)Shameless? B)Clueless? C)Witless?

More name-calling, more slurs.

There! Now we've persecuted him back! Feel better?
This used to be called lowering yourself to his level. Now it's called blogging.

I think he is a severely disturbed individual.That said how do you treat someone you see as disturbed? I know the Christian right sees me as disturbed and I don't like how they seek to dehumanize me and take a "Let's beat up the retard approach." So personally I think we should do what they don't turn the other cheek.Then come up with a strategy for helping individuals like this that doesn't seek to destroy them as a whole but that helps to show them the error in acting this way.Maybe by reaching out to this person in a compassionate way we can raise the bar.I know how easy it is to just want to condemn him but I think raising to a higher level is the best way to confront individuals like him.

"I'm sensing a lot of anger.."
that guy is really funny :D

As far as I know, it's technically impossible to help people who don't want to be helped.

The guy is a dweeb, and as Rob brought up, he is a terrible communicator. The attorney general's office in Michigan must be a whole mess all by itself, if this is the caliber of people they hire. He's unbelievable! Unfortunately, it's so believable based on all the bullying and hatred we've seen of late.