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Who was it that said the Tea Party doesn't care about social issues such LGBT equality? Whoever it was got it so wrong.

sharron-angle.jpgWitness Republican senate candidate Sharon Angle's recent comments about marriage:

I confess that we are a nation who has killed our children. I confess that we are a nation who has walked away from the family and allowed divorce even among our ranks. We have walked away from the biblical definition of marriage; one man, one woman, the two become one flesh.

Republican senate candidate Joe Miller told Rachel Maddow that he would vote for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage for same-sex couples.

Tea Party leaders have condoned violence against gays, NY gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said he didn't want children to be "brainwashed" into thinking being gay is acceptable, and Colorado senate candidate Ken Buck compared being gay to alcoholism.

It should be no surprise that any group that came to visibility by trafficking in conspiracy theories of the first African-American president as a "secret Muslim" and using imagery of him altered to resemble monkeys and other racist stereotypes would be anti-gay.

And instances of Tea Party activists and candidates using barely veiled racial appeals to scare white people into thinking that undocumented immigrants from Mexico are storming the border to take jobs that rightfully belong to white people and to impregnate white women abound.

It should also be no surprise that if Tea Party candidates join with Republicans to take control of either the House or the Senate, the federal LGBT agenda is all but DOA.

As Phil Reese said in A Come to Jesus Moment:

Conservatism is celebrating a massive resurgence after four years of embarrassing defeat. The Champagne bottles are being ordered. The tea partiers are measuring their future offices in state capitols around the nation, as well as in Washington DC. Cakes are being baked. Bankers boxes are selling out of Staples stores near legislatures nationwide, and Ryder trucks are in high demand. There is a feeling of panic in the air.

So with four days until election day, let's move past the endless bickering about whether or not LGBT people should vote for the Democrats and do everything we can to maintain the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and in state legislatures across the country.

The Republican Party leaders have vowed "no compromise" with the Democrats. They are on a kamikaze mission to destroy Obama's presidency no matter how much damage is done to the country in the process. And LGBT people and our legislative priorities will be viewed as collateral damage.

If the Democrats maintain control of Congress, we will still have to fight tooth and nail to repeal DADT, pass an inclusive ENDA, repeal DOMA, and pass safe schools and anti-bullying legislation.

But with Republicans in control of even one chamber our efforts to win equality will become even harder.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone who has any intelligence would vote for Sharon Angle. I find it hard to believe anyone who is LGBT can vote for a Tea Party Candidate. In general the Tea Party has been largely cooped with the extreme right either socially or financially or both. These would have Social Security looted by Wall Street, dump any manner of health care reform, put people into food kitchens to eat, and generally go back to the trickle down economics which largely just made the rich richer, and the poor poorer. The most right wing of them would have the LGBT community driven underground or forced out of this country.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 30, 2010 8:50 AM

Its a tight race for the Nevada senate seat so lots of people are planning to vote for Angle.

GOProud has claimed that the Tea Party is concerned only with fiscal issues and is not all concerned with social issues. The LGBT population, by and large, is not falling for what they are selling.

The Tea Party is the extreme right-wingers financed by mega-wealthy corporate interests who have co-opted people's anxiety around the economy and jobs and injected a dose of racial and cultural paranoia.

Honestly why has the LBGT community not responded to the blocks of us getting married and making families and commitment to our communities with okay you want to ban us to save marriage you must ban divorce.

Dear Joanna,

As a resident of Las Vegas, I will tell you that people that seem perfectly sane on many other issues are thoughtfully considering voting for Sharron Angle. Why? Because what she represents doesn't affect them directly. People with affluence, people who are white, and in general, the people who control Nevada, do not see how her more radical ideas will affect them in the long term.

such is the case with all paths where the future is uncertain. People supported Hitler until he was a force unto himself, and people don't always see, to paraphrase Stephen Covey, that they are climbing a ladder in the forest, only to discover after their efforts that they are positioned in the wrong jungle.

Many local Mormons see Reid as out of touch, and I agree with them. He's not in touch with anyone. Sharron Angle appeals to the lowest values in most people, and is the easier choice to comprehend.

Both are playing on fear, but Angle is far more effective in this area.

I understand the frustration of Nevada residents. I live in Michigan which is about in the same boat as far as unemployment. I believe Nevada and Michigan swap places from time to time as to which has the biggest percentage of unemployed. Not that this is even an accurate measurement. I know I am close to being out of unemployment benefits with no job in sight and I would guess many are already out and therefore off the unemployment roles. I however do not see how anyone who falls under the classification as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered will benefit from voting for Republicans or the Tea Party. I do not see how our employment will become more likely with Right Wing Republican Conservatives in control. I know our civil liberties will not.

My thinking has slowly been moving towards a radical redefinition of rights to suit the religious rights agenda. I think it is about time to make divorce illegal. Let's give them Jesus in full force.

I could rant about their version of Christianity differing from my personal views on it, but I will instead say only if you look at the life of Jesus you will see he was the ultimate Socialist. When you look at their views regarding Equality it is ironic their mouthpieces are largely Women who were denied most rights until less than 100 years ago as well. The Sharon Angles of the world have drank the Kool Aid from the churches that in my view fall under the same condemnation reserved for the Pharisees in the Gospels. Perhaps they should stop selectively using parts of the Bible to justify their views on why they feel they have the right sit in judgment on others. Besides that I was under the impression that this country was supposed to be free and equal to all. Not just those who happen to worship at a given church.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 30, 2010 8:54 AM

Don't give them any ideas. Your joke may become their reality.

I don't think they have to promise no compromise for us to know there won't be any. The past decade has been enough of an example.

By "us" I mean people of functional intelligence, so that excludes Washington Post columnists.

The Republican Right ( and even their moderates ) do not compromise now enough to say they do anyway. Both sides have become so polarized that nothing really gets done in Washington ( or most State Capitals either ) unless one party has control of everything. It is also clear that the views of the Republican Party, and Tea Party within the Republican Party ( be of no doubt these people are nearly all Republican ) are not for Equality. There will be no ENDA or removal of DADT or DOMA on their watch. After all it did not happen even when the Democrats had their super filibuster proof majority, so I would think it shocking to see any of these things pass if they gain control of any branch.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 30, 2010 8:44 AM

True Alex. The GOP has taken Rep Boehner's "hell no, you can't" scream as an election year platform. Their inability to see anything beyond their hunger for political power and commitment to the wealthy make them unfit to be in the majority.

Paige Listerud | October 30, 2010 1:04 PM

We seem to be caught between do-nothing Democrats and a radical right that sees no problem with sending all of us to ex-gay therapy concentration camps--or sees no problem with us committing suicide--or dying by other violent means. All to save the children.

I hope now that the mainstream LGBTQ is ready to get fierce. Do you want to save lives, including your own?

I personally believe it will come down to it being about like the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s before we will be taken seriously.

Rick Sutton | October 31, 2010 6:00 AM

The Tea folks represent, on a wide scale, the same nonsense George Wallace campaigned on, and ultimately got shot for in Laurel, Md. almost three decades ago.

Hate. Distrust. Fear.

George Wallace came from a hateful background. Alabama still hasn't fully-recovered. Evidence Jeff Sessions, and numerous schools in the state named for George or Lurleen Wallace. Schools for Christ's sake. Where kids LEARN.

Scared. To. Death.