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A Multi-Pronged Fight

Filed By Jarrod Chlapowski | October 20, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Yesterday the Pentagon announced it was alright for gays and lesbians to enlist in the military. While momentous, the announcement was also misleading.

Gay_Military-720000 (1).jpgFirst, no enlistment takes just one day. Medical screenings, aptitude tests, and choosing a job all create what is often a weeks or months long process. Those that were discharged under DADT have the additional hurdle of overcoming a discharge code on their DD214 (discharge paperwork) that instructs a very bureaucratic military that the individual cannot reenlist. When the DADT injunction is in such limbo - see: Emergency 9th Circuit Appeal of Judge Phillips Rejection of Move to Stay Immediate Injunction of Discharges - you won't see too many recruiters rushing the process, assuming they're even aware of the order.

Second, there is no real expectation in both Pentagon and political circles that this injunction will last long in a non-stayed state throughout the appeals process, so combined with the first, the announcement didn't do much except put the movement to repeal into a frenzy.

The key, then, is to tap into that frenzy and use it to push for repeal this year, depending on the current circumstances. Yep, annoying. But it's the framework we have to work within. And multi-pronged yet cooperative approaches are likely to do best.


Keep your eyes peeled. There's more yelling/concise analysis to be done.

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I hope you'll do a follow up post now that the injunction has been stayed and what that means and what readers should look forward to.

That photo of the tombstone is so incredible!