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The Thought of A Republican Future Makes Me Feel Sick

Filed By Joe Mirabella | October 29, 2010 11:00 AM | comments

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My stomach hurts. I can't sleep at night. I'm having a hard time concentrating, and I've been described as "grouchy" by my partner. It is election time and with just a few days left before the Republicans could take over Congress and a majority of state's Governor's offices and legislatures flu_kid3.jpgI'm left feeling sick.

This is a far different kind of sick than I felt last year at this time, just days before Washington State voter's were going to decide whether my partner and I could be treated equally under state law with through domestic partnerships. At that point I felt sick, but I also felt like there was something I could do about it. In fact I poured my heart into that election volunteering nearly 60 hours a week as the social media director for the Approve Referendum 71 campaign. I had hope that the people would do the right thing, and they did. It was the first time in national history that voters at the state level approved an expansion of rights for gay and lesbian families.

The polls don't look like we will be celebrating this year, but that's not what makes me feel so sick.

I'm feeling sick because I've been watching the political situation in the country degrade for the last year. As Republicans filibustered nearly every bill in the Senate including a repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the Democrats took the blame.

The minority party managed to hijack the debate on health care, leaving voters with a bill that left a vast majority of Americans wanting more.

Republicans managed to block everything Americans "hoped" for when they elected President Obama.

Their obstructionism was a brilliant political strategy. Had Republicans compromised one bit, Democrats would have had something to take back to voters this election. Had Republicans compromised on everything any reasonable person understands is necessary for a functional, and dare I dream, a successful country, Democrats would have swept this election.

Instead it seems, America is poised to vote for the same obstructionist party that should be punished for hurting our country. Their reward will be the power to redistrict throughout the country, making it even more difficult to remove them from power.

So perhaps this is why I feel so sick. We were so close to our equality. We had two years of super majorities in the House and Senate, a self described ally President in the White House, states throughout the country moving closer to equality - and the Republicans may be on the Eve of a power grab that will set us back a decade.

As I turn in tonight I will try not to let the seriousness of this election prevent my sleep. It will be difficult. How could the simplest dream, to be treated equally in my country, remain out of reach?

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"How could the simplest dream, to be treated equally in my country, remain out of reach?"

60 votes.

The thought of a continuously heteronormative future established by a good number of politicans makes me sick. The fact that this issue isn't the only one this party caves in on also makes me sick as well. I do believe identity should not be my only issue but considering the economy by some degree, the plutocratic lobbying and campaigning system, I can't be fully on board with just being a party member.

I have been independant as I had committed to being. However, I have about a 9:1 ratio of democrats to other candidates based on my evaluation of issues, these candidates just happen to turn up the most, occasionally a moderate republican. And this time, not a single libertarian. The libertarians have changed from a centrist group to a far-right group alongside the teabaggers.

Until congressmen are forced to vote with their party or I've obtained at least ENDA and federal tax breaks, I'll remain independent. I used to be fine with just ENDA but now it's going to cost a lot more for making me wait so long.

I feel for you, as Slayer sings, God hates us all. Thats why the republicans can hijack the election.

You feel sick. The Tea Party is gleeful. Maybe once they sweep into office the Dems will remember why they were elected last time, pick up their courage and start using it occasionally.


Hallelujah!!!! I am not losing any sleep over it. We were getting anything from Democrats and the Republicans won't have a big enough majority to hurt us. Maybe just maybe the Democrats will finally grow a set and stop the pandering to our community.

I have been a registered Democrat since 1968. I feel that Gays are presently in a struggle for our civil rights.

Being Gay in America is like being a draft on a tiny ship in the middle of a vast ocean. Sometimes the sea will be very rough (under Republicans) and the ship may sink. There may be times of calm sea (under Democrats).

Regardless, there is no one to come to our support.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 29, 2010 6:11 PM

1. Democrats deserve to lose because they're not the antidote to the even more rightwing teabaggers and Republicans. They're more like accomplices. Republicans are predicted to win because Democrats have betrayed just about everyone but Goldman Sachs and BP.

2. Republicans will likely win big next Tuesday despite the fact that they're as unpopular as Democrats. Polls show both parties are by now permanently scarred by well deserved reputations of ineptness, rampant collusion with big business and banks and excelling at the art of breaking promises.

3. After decades, or years, depending on their age, of lies and propaganda from both parties it's going to take working people a while to understand the origins and the depth of the current depression. And it's going to take a while for them to get over the shock of mass unemployment, huge cuts in wages and benefits, homelessness, imposed austerity and pauperization. (This will help -

4. Everyone who urges votes for a Democrat and Republican politician is, in the real world, supporting wars of genocide and mass murder, wasting the lives of GI's, a deeper economic collapse and more bigotry, misogyny, racism, immigrant bashing and homohating.

On November 2nd. 2010 and November 6th, 2012 vote socialist, stay home or write in someone you like.


Both are useless.
Vive La Revolution!

The only thing that happened were that political divisions became more sharply defined. That and Democrats proved how useless they are in this political climate.

Just remember that it's always all about the money, and rich people are donating tons this year ($2 million just from the CEO of Gold's Gym, and that's just the amount of reportable donations, and he implied he's been giving more) to go on TV and lie to poor people about where their problems are, what's the solution, etc.

Add to that the fact that we liberals aren't that great at making our case (are there many liberals left who believes that full employment should be the economy's goal, like both the right and left agreed in the 60's? How many liberals think Social Security is going "bankrupt"? How many liberals think that the recession was caused by "deficit spending" on the military, Halliburton, etc.? Do any of us even know why people would argue for a paycheck for everyone even if they don't work?). Probably, again, the fault of all the money in politics. But we could turn off the TV and educate ourselves too.

Historically, the Democratic party has been in the forefront of groups that are attempting to achieve equality. Alot of Democrats do not view Gays in a struggle for equal rights. One only has to do a web search and view the web sites of the various Democratic candidates; under issues there is nothing regarding Gays.

In addition, Democratic candidate after Democratic candidate attend churches which per the church's own web sites (under mission statement and/or vision) indicate pure raw hate toward Gays.