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Allen West on Gays in Military Barracks "tumultuous things happen"

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Once again last night I was subjected to more of disgraced retired Colonel Allen West who is campaigning to be elected to Florida's 22nd Congressional District. West was asked by the moderator to explain why he supports the military's discriminatory policy against gays in the military.

This is third occasion where I heard West respond to gays in the military. Each time West opens his mouth to respond to the repeal of overflowing toilet_071016_ms.jpg"Don't Ask, Don't Tell", it sounds like a overflowing toilet spewing hatred, homophobia and fear-mongering. In the video after the jump, West explains that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as a prime example of one of his concerns,

"We open ourselves to very tumultuous things happen in the barracks."

Also after the jump is a response by a prominent gay Republican veteran on West's prior response.

Not sure if you ever served in the military but West is off tack about kicking out people for hair cuts, adultery, etc. etc., etc. so quickly especially in time of war. Did you ask him how many men he investigated for having sex outside of marriage and then discharged them from a combat zone? I guess he was a virgin when he got married and never had sex other than a married man and only with his wife. Anything is possible not not always that likely.

Col. West must be oblivious to sex in the military with regard to this statement and kicking out service personnel on the basis of say adultery. Please remember it wasn't the gays who left hundreds upon thousands of unwed mothers and fatherless children behind when Johnny Came Marching home to wife, church, job, family, friends, children, community, etc., etc.

On my last blog, a dear friend, US Coast Guard Veteran Mark LaFontaine responded with:

Alan West is an uneducated individual who is has extreme views about what America should be.

As a veteran, myself, and someone who was witch hunted, imprisoned, tortured and abused at the hands of people like Mr. West, I can tell you that he is a disgrace to the uniform.

GLBT veterans have served admirably throughout our nations history and for this man to promote, not only the DADT policy, but that he would support going back to the policy before DADT in which tens of thousands of GLBT veterans have suffered under, only underscores the need to drum him out of politics all together.

The man is no decorated war hero, he is a war criminal, a bully and a coward.

Please excuse the quality of video, on limited resources, activists use the tools accessible to them.

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News flash: There is sex happening in the barracks right now. It's not allowed, but it happens. In Iraq they hand out condoms because they realized that if they can't prevent sex entirely, they can at least cut down on pregnancies and other consequences.

This fellow is damned scary!! Remeber, he didn't pay his taxes, his association fees, and his home was almost in foreclosure. His excuse, "...I was serving overseas and my family was struggling..." In reality, he was a PRIVATE CONTRACTOR, being paid 10 times what a soldier makes, and CHOSE not to pay his bills. I cannot believe this election cycle...Rubio, West, Bondi, & Scott. Please...everyone...DRAG some normal people to the polls.

Please stop the lies. If you are trying to make a point, do it with truthfulness. He was never in foreclosure and all of his bills were paid. Allen West is quite educated. B that means nothing when you are dedicated to slander. The truth is that you are sujected to more rules when you are in the military. Guidelines as to uniforms, haircuts and yes adultery. I know that this is not what you want to hear but there it is. Allen West has said time and time again that it should not be the policy of the Armed Forces to regulate sexual behavior one way or another. If you want to rail at someone, find the person who persecuted you and do so. You don't even know this man.

The "the military has rules" line is complete and utter BS as long as those rules aren't applied equally to everyone. And contrary to what the military would like (be a state within a state accountable to no one but itself), it can't ignore the Constitution.

Dear West Apologist | October 26, 2010 5:32 PM

You are wrong. West was most certainly in foreclosure and had liens filed against him. He went to court over it. The document that was sent out with West's SS# is a PUBLIC COURT DOCUMENT that only exists due to the fact a lien or creditors took action against him. Far be it for Tea Baggers to actually believe the truth when it is much easier for them to make up their own facts.

While we are add it, I think you meant to say while in the military, you are subjected to rules. I'll give you the benefit that it was a slip of the fingers. My question to you, however, why do you assume that those in the military are committing adultery? I'm pretty sure single people serve in the military and therefore it is just sex! Unless you are suggesting that our military personnel are cheating on their significant others? If that's true, what does that say about West? Are you suggesting he cheated on his spouse? I'm just trying to follow your thought process on that.

BTW, all I need to know about Mr. West is that he writes a regular column to a magazine who feels my mother, sister, and daughter are nothing more than "oral relief stations"! That is not someone who should be representing anyone in Congress. He also associates with a biker group that has been categorized by the F.B.I. as a criminal syndicate and uses them as security. That is also a fact that you ignore, The Outlaws are really outlaws!

Sorry to go off in a tangent, but I am sick and tired of all the lies and distortions made up by Tea Baggers. I hope people come to their senses and DO NOT vote for either West or Scott!

West has never been in foreclosure. You are a liar. Further, put away the anger, find some type of spiritual center. It will do your soul well. You are very angry and very sad.

You are the liar | October 26, 2010 9:00 PM

You are the liar! There are court documents with the I.R.S. liens, the association lien, and the creditors. Maybe he wasn't in foreclosure, but he certainly had liens against him. He even admitted to it by stating that it all happened while he was overseas. When it turned out that was a lie, he retracted that statement to say it never occurred and you Tea Baggers make up the truth as you go along!

I am angry that after 8 years, ya'll screwed up the world and then expect it to be fixed in 2 years. All the Republipigs did was vote no on everything. I am for one standing up to these lies and fighting to tell the facts.

As for my spirituality, I am very spiritual and probably more religious than you. The only difference is I don't try to force my religion on everyone else. No worries, I will find peace on November 3, when all you tea baggers get a reality check!

“We open ourselves to very tumultuous things happening in the barracks”

Hummmmm…..OK, 20 years in the military and tons of Barracks Watches. With your normal mix of barracks rats the following has happened during my watch;

>Riot(s) actually did not count them all. Usually Friday/Saturday payday nights. At one base, it was so bad that the central barracks kept 30 Master-at-Arms on hand along with 3 paddy wagons to herd the trouble makers up and lock them up until Monday and their respective CO’s could hold Mast.
>Under age drinking leading to violent acts. Every Friday and Saturday night.
>Broken limb due to violent act or drunkenness, 3 times a year. Usually an arm but sometimes a leg. Rarely ribs.
>Violent act against personal property, several times a year. Usually either a disgruntled roommate or jilted ex-girlfriend.
>Date Rape, too often. Usual result was ‘He said/She said’ and the case was dropped.
>Sheep/Goat/Geep/Cat uh… sexually molested. >. >Drunken sailor tipping beer machine for freebie beers and tipping 1200 pound machine over and breaking legs, 3 times.
>Accidental discharge of a personal firearm, 4 times. Once a person in the next room was nearly killed. Once, the person was half awake and thought they had picked up their asthma inhaler. (blew out the side of her face)
>Drug sweep finding enough drugs to deal.
>Prostitution ring working out of barracks, once it included minors.
>Accidental fish poisoning… ok, only the one time.

These are the everyday military types and every day happenings you can find on any military base. That’s before you get to the fact that drunkenness and alcoholism is still the number 1 killer of military members.

These are the ‘good ol’ boys’ that this Colonel West is talking about.
Not Gays or Lesbians, not Trans people. I’ve worked with them, they are quite and keep to themselves.
I never had an incident that surrounded someone in the GLBT community.

But its ok, 'Boys will be Boys'... (so tired of hearing that)

[now, look at the above list… one night, in just one 12 period of one night included most of those happenings.]

Mark LaFontaine | October 26, 2010 9:08 PM

I can assure Mr. West's supporters are just as ill informed as he is about what happens in the military. I was outed as being gay because I refused to have sex with prostitutes. Yet, my fellow sailors who frequently did that - risking their health constantly, without concern for their unit - were never admonished or reprimanded. I followed the rules of the UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice - and was persecuted for simply admitting to being gay, after the service threatened my friends and family and not for any act or violation of policy.

Mr. West claims that he is a believer in keeping gays out of the military and that there would be chaos in the barracks if the policy ended. His claims are based on fear and ignorance - PERIOD. I NEVER saw anyone kicked out of the service for being overweight or for adultery or other "good ole boy" violations.

I DO know Mr. West and he is simply a homophobic man who wants to promote the "good ole boy" business in the military. America is NOT a police state. Our military is voluntary. While there is structure and yes, it is a different life, there is no reason why gays and lesbians cannot serve.

Mr. West is a DIVIDER of people and not a UNITER. We don't need that in our government.

Tony Soprano | October 27, 2010 3:58 AM

My wife is a post-op MTF TS.

I was a virgin when I got married and never had sex other than a married man and only with my wife.

Everything is possible can be very likely.

Wait, why did LaFontaine call West a "war criminal"? Just for supporting DADT or did West do some things in the past that were war crimes?

From what I understand, West was forced to retire from the military after it became public that he fired a handgun inches away from an Iraqi civilian during an interrogation.

I will try to find the link and post it.

janiice J carney | October 27, 2010 11:44 AM

Way back when I was in Vietnam (serving as a male]
Local women for economic reasons were forced to prostitute themselves to feed there families. Most of their husbands were either in the South or North Vietnamese army. Often these women were brought through security into even fire bases. I never heard of any of the married men that had sex with these women being discharged. I do know that I once had an m-16 pointed at me back, well an argument was going on over rather or not I was a queer. Mister West is so out of touch with reality that he could get elected with the majority of Florida voters that voted to amend the constitution to preserve opposite sex marriage. He can join that k st church and fit in.

Dennis Stratton | October 27, 2010 2:49 PM

Another quota servicemember who has been given adavancement up the ranks without true leadership develpment! I think he has secretley been watching far too many gay porn films at night! Again clueless on what goes on day to day with straight as well as LGBT service members.