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Anti-everyone billboard makes fun of Obama

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 15, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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A billboard in western Colorado went up. No one knows who paid for it:


Local political candidates denounced it, the Democrat calling it "racist" and "homophobic," the Republican calling it "juvenile." On the local paper's story, the comments run the ideological gamut with a lot of in-fighting, but only one said they agreed with the billboard. And that's a conservative area's local paper. But Fox Nation picked up the story and the comments went in a different direction. Here are a few of the top-rated ones:

Pretty much looks like " if the shoe fits" and it does! Odumb@ss is in bed with every anti-american, anti-christian, lawless group he can find


I want the poster for my TV room.

What's that old saying....................................................?

The truth hurts, doesn't it, Dems? No wonder you're all running from the Anointed One as fast as you can. Run and hide but it won't help you. You're all done in three weeks and counting. . . .

And so on.

Imagine being in that machine, watching Fox News every day, reading the Washington Times, following Pamela Geller's blog, listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio.... Eventually the rightwing noise machine drowns out any voices of reason.

And basically what they're saying all the time is what's in the billboard, that Obama is too pro-gay, in a secret terrorist sleeper cell, a Chicago gangster, and that he abandoned the border leaving America to be invaded by Mexicans. All the time. Eventually people who only hear that message from what they think are honest media sources start to believe it.

Then those of us on the outside wonder why they'd make such a dumb and offensive billboard, so ridiculous that it couldn't possibly be an honest representation of anyone's opinion, not understanding because we don't live in their hyper-reality.

We ought to do something about the brave new world that was constructed right under our noses.

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Funny how no one ever knows who paid for stuff anymore. Things just magically appear. Like that "America Future Fund" paying for those deceptive adds on the TV. No one knows where their money comes from. It is a mystery.

Alex, I look at the Fox "News" forums everyday, I even occasionally post, and I can tell you that these types of comments are the norm. Even comments on stories that are not political tend towards Obama/Left bashing after a while (and by Left, I mean anything that is not radically right-of-center). These people hear no dissenting voices anywhere, so they're ideas are constantly reinforced by like-minded people. And when they DO hear an opposing voice, the "foxers" dismiss these voices by calling them Communist, Marxist, or Fascist (Sometimes in the same sentence).

Oh, and BTW, Sometimes it is a real pain in the ass to comment here, because the captcha is hard to read. Don't make an entry error or you get sent to that stupid log-in page, instead of another opportunity to enter a captcha, UNLESS I manually stop the page from refreshing. It's 2010, can we have some tech that works please?

That has to be the funniest graphic I have seen recently. I had to enlarge it to see some of the details like the labels on the rats and the vultures. The earring is a nice touch as are the two six of hearts on the table. My compliments to the artist. I wonder what he or she could do with Palin or O'Connell. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing even when done by adversaries. Oh, and yes I voted for Obama and most likely will do the same in 2012.

This was more than likely funded by Carl Rove and all his foreign contributors which Rove is afraid to divulge.


I'm forwarding this on to the Huffington Post. Let's hope they pick up on this and your excellent journalistic nose.

...I don't get it, who are the vultures? Which game are the playing? Why is it "rats," what do rats and vultures have to do with this group and a card game? Is being a right winger sort of like watching a David Lynch movie, where everyone just sort of pretends to get it at the end, and if you ask anyone to explain it, they say "its really complicated..." ?

I'm going to say it right now, I get this about as much as I got Mulholland Drive. Looking at this is like the weird monster thingie that was behind the dumpster that never made another appearance in the film.

All the right-wingers are walking out of the theater right now saying "Oh yeah, totally, that was soooooo totally amazing," and I'm the a**hole that noone invites again saying "What are you talking about, that was a load of crap. Its just mishmash."