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Hillary Clinton: Don't just wait, get help now to make it better

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 20, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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As Bil posted yesterday, GLAAD is asking people to wear purple today to support LGBT teens. If you're not currently dressed, consider it.

Also, Hillary Clinton did an It Gets Better video, and she made sure to tell people to "ask for help." A big motivation to change high school climates is going to come from the students themselves, the ones who are willing and ready and able to stand up for what's right and talk about the immense cruelty of their peers and force schools to act, as analysis from us grown-ups tends to be limited to what we can see in the outside world.

In related news, I just learned that the president does not send letters of condolence to people in the military who die by suicide. Kind of just shows how far our country has to go to take suicide seriously.

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Isn't this the highest ranking political official to create a video?

The only higher ranking political officials than Secretary Clinton are President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Speaker Pelosi. So unless one of them has made a video, then the answer is no. I'm thinking we would have heard if any of them made such a video.

Oops. I lost track of the format of your question. I was answering that no, there isn't a higher ranking official that has made a video. I should have written to answer your question, yes, this is the highest ranking official to make a video. Sorry for the confusion.

Bil, the President has now made an It Gets Better video. That's pretty awesome.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 22, 2010 3:43 AM

The 2012 campaign just began - in earnest.

Hillary is fantastic. This is such a great video coming from an administration official - and such a high ranking cabinet member to boot.

Ms. Clinton confuses me, she was an active supporter of don't ask, don't tell, and also an active supporter of DOMA, how does making an "It Gets Better" video exculpate her from the harm she helped cause?

Secretary Clinton supports the repeal of DADT. I don't recall her having a position on either of these policies at the time they were enacted, and don't see why she would have taken a position on them while she was First Lady.

If a politician has a genuine change of heart about a policy, and back that up by their actions, it makes no sense to continue to chastise them for something they may have believed 17 years ago.

Chitown Kev | October 20, 2010 1:34 PM

This is a wonderful video by Secretary Clinton.

This might be a little off topic, but your last paragraph reminded me of something Alex.

Suicide is probably the most stigmatizing thing that one can do in Christianity.

I do know that in the church I grew up in, I was taught that suicide is one of two sins that cannot be forgiven (the other being blaspheming the Holy Ghost).

I believe that Catholicism takes a very similar position on suicide as well.

I just...wonder if the reason that this society doesn't seem to take suicide seriously because of theological beliefs.

I also wonder that in the case of GLBT suicides that have been in the news (whether or not they were caused by bullying) is the idea that the increase in harmful rhetoric from some Religious Reich leaders getting even more mean spirited because of the nature of that one specific unforgiveable sin.

I grew up conservatively Christian, and I was under the impression that the two worst things that could happen were for a girl to get pregnant or to take one's life. Blaspheming took a close second to those two things. Of course, I was a girl, so the pregnancy bit hit home harder for me than for boys, I think. Boys rarely incurred any wrath for getting girls pregnant. ~_~

I typed "christianity and suicide" into google and came back with

1) The obligatory wikipedia page...



Those were some of the first entries.

Good for Hillary! Well done. I don't think Dan Savage would have imagined when he started this project that the Secretary of State would contribute to it.

BTW, the second I finished watching the clip, it was playing on MSNBC.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 22, 2010 2:35 AM

The 2012 campaign just began.