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Last gay Nazi survivor speaks

Filed By Bil Browning | October 20, 2010 12:30 PM | comments

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This is a fascinating bit of LGBT history. Rudolf Brazda, the last gay survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, spoke with reporters recently and gives a personal glimpse into what it was like to wear the pink triangle.

For all the complaining the LGBT community does - for good reason, mind you - sometimes it puts it all in perspective to watch this frail old man talk about men just being accused of being gay and getting an injection of toxic chemicals or having to be "disinfected" before being allowed into the camp. Harrowing.

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This is incredible. I have the book "The men with the Pink Triangle", by Heinz Heger which I bought over 10 years ago in Seattle. This account reminded me of the horror and willingness so many have to condemn those who are different. Thank you for posting this, and helping make it more tangible in my mind.

For those at work or who can't play video, is there a transcript of this? Or a free transcription script? This seems to me something that would be important to have out there and accessible.

For the hearing impaired, there are subtitles. I haven't seen a transcript of it anywhere. Are you volunteering? :)

Unfortunately, the closest transcription I can give at the moment is: "-------" :D

I just thought there might be a script out there that can take audio or video and give a loose transcription?