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Bill introduced to eliminate abstinence-only education

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Lest we forget in the list of Incredibly Basic Things the Democrats Didn't Accomplish in Two Years, the federal government is still funding abstinence-only education. gsa.jpgThe Senate introduced a bill to stop that money, but I'm guessing it's too late in the year to actually pass anything (via Feministing):

The "Repealing Ineffective and Incomplete Abstinence-Only Program Funding Act" would strike Title V, Section 510 from the Social Security Act. That provision has been the funding mechanism for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs for nearly 15 years. The bill would reprogram $50 million annually to evidence-based, comprehensive sex education programs funded through the Personal Responsibility Education (PREP) program. PREP funds comprehensive sex education programs that provide both abstinence and contraception information to teens and educate them about sexually transmitted diseases.

With the amount of attention that gay students are getting this week from the wider LGBT community, we should be reminded that messages about the inferiority of LGBT people are not just tolerated by schools, but often propagated by the schools themselves. Instead of focusing only on punishment of offenders, we should be asking what created the environment in which young people think it's OK to ostracize someone for their gender or sexuality.

Abstinence-only education not only does nothing to help straight students avoid pregnancy and STD's, queer students are completely ignored and maligned in such programs. While official programs don't usually address queer kids at all other than to stress that the only sex people should be having is with a heterosexual, married (to you) partner, many schools and districts still find ways to include homophobia in sex education anyway.

Not that a few incidents of school-sanctioned homophobia should really be necessary to show that these programs are specifically geared towards the elimination of gay sexuality; the main message to students is that LGB people are so unspeakably disgusting that they can't even be mentioned in a discussion of penises and puberty and uteruses. The direct teaching for LGB students is to ignore their libido, keep their pants on until marriage, and find a partner of the opposite sex tolerable enough to spend their life with while devoting their spare time to constructing ships-in-a-bottle, which is so ridiculous they just interpret it as another reason to think that they're the only one's who feel as they do and are inferior to others.

Inherent to abstinence-only education is stressing that there's one good way to have a sex drive, several normal-but-undesirable ways (like premarital heterosexual sex and rape), and numerous sexualities that are so terrible that people can't even discuss. The word "only" is about excluding others, about hierarchy. And the federal government, under a Democratic House, Senate, and White House, is still paying real money to send that message.

Having people in positions of authority who are forced to say that only heterosexuality and traditional gender roles are normal or desired can't be helping.

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"The bill would reprogram $50 million annually to evidence-based, comprehensive sex education programs funded through the Personal Responsibility Education (PREP) program.


Great idea.

mhmm...what's left out is that $55 millions was set aside for states to use as they please, to allow the 'red states' to continue abstinence-only programs...the social conservatives never really give in...what is sad is that once again the Dems didn't have the guts or brains to make the sane thing happen...

on that note, I had a really intense conversation with a caller from HRC the other night, in which she got pissed b/c I absolutely will not support the Dems anymore (she was calling to raise money for '20 tight races')...

I honestly can't see where supporting this Congress or this administration has gotten us. sure, Obama instituted a couple of GLBT-supportive executive orders, but those are toast when he loses in 2012 (I am waiting te hear that 'we need to keep him in office b/c otherwise the Repub will under all the good he has done' 'bout he does something of lasting value, other than supporting DOMA and DADT with nasty briefs by his DOJ?)

This measure is arriving soooo late, and after too many unnecessary HIV infections among our youth that it's truly hard to feel any joy about it all. More and more; I'm embarassed to be an American, and becoming even more embarassed by my agonizingly slow and arthritic Democratic Party. As a subculture we gays have also failed in that we weren't tenacious enough to hold Obama and Pelosi's feet to the fire back when they still had some guts - vs. being paralyzed with fear as they are now.

Carol: Passing inclusive Hate Crimes legislation, the first ever federal law recognizing LGBT people, was a BIG deal. Would not have happened under Republicans.

If the goal is Equality, the Hate Crimes Bill is insignificant. Plus, it was actually "passed," it held Defense Spending "hostage." The US Congress has never willingly passed anything LGBT-related.