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Obama - It Gets Better

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The administration released a video today of the President's message for LGBT youth for the It Gets Better project. Check it out and let us know what you think:

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I'm surprised that The Bilerico Project hasn't made any commentary on Obama's video. I feel that, given Obama's lack of action on gay rights issues, his declaration that things will "get better" for gay teens is completely hypocritical. His administration is the one standing in the way from things getting better. There's no hope for an end to LGBT-targeted bullying when a similar sort of bullying is institutionalized in the government. My thoughts on this are too long for this comment box; I've written more about my ideas here:

It means alot to me that the President of the United Sates made such a great message. Progress has been painfully slow in many respects. However, this kind of statement from the White House, with the President actually doing it himself, and not simply releasing a statement through a spokesman, is really big. I assure you, when I was a kid, Nixon never did anything like this for us. As a matter of fact, J.Edgar Hoover, his FBI Chief, was feeding him information on who among the Democrats might be gay. I do not think that any of us ever dreamed that we would have such a great string of Court victories in 2010. We need to keep the Democrats in power to protect the federal judicial nominees. The rest of the agenda is progressing, even though we all wanted it, or needed it, long ago. Things are getting better. Imagine, our President actually says the word gay naturally, and without calling for a constitutional amendment against us like Bush did.

Patricia Harlow Patricia Harlow | October 22, 2010 7:44 PM

Very nice to see the President make a video.

David Stevens GetEqual Indiana | October 22, 2010 8:02 PM

He's speaking out of both sides of his mouth. On hand he keeps fighting DADT rulings right around election time at that! thats the part I don't get. Then on the other hand you have this huge msg coming to gay kids from a President of the USA. No wonder we all are left scratching our heads and I think thats exactley how they want it.

Are we scratching our heads? On the one hand he's keeping his hands off a quasi controversial issue effecting the employment of a small segment of the LGB adult population, on the other he's sending a popular message on the noncontroversial issue of LGBT teen suicide while not doing anything about it.

I don't see much that's confusing there.

Memory check: It's way better than it was two years ago.

Perfect? No.

Better? Yes.

Would George W. have made such an attempt?
Fuck no.

Amen, Greg. Amen.

David: Learn up. He's not fighting DADT rulings. He's doing what most constitutional experts would tell you he must do: directing his SolGeneral to defend the current regulations until, they can get changed. It's sad but true.

Ditto to Adam.

Hypocritical? Are your memories really THAT short? Are we THAT stupid, that we're wed to the 100% with-me-or-against-me mentality?

Fellas, THAT'S THE MENTALITY of the NEOCONS! We're playing into their hands.

Ah, to be young and naive again.

Personally, I don't think this had anything to do with reaching the gay community and had everything to do with engaging young voters again.

The It Gets Better campaign has been all over both mainstream and independent media. Obama's participation in the campaign just strengthens dialogue and puts him at the center of it. If Obama really wanted to engage the gay community and believing that he is indeed for equality, then why not take a photo with the NOH8 campaign in California, do a PSA with The Trevor Project, participate in Larry King's discussion on cyberbullying, write an opinion piece for The Bilerico Project and while he's at it, pass some equal rights legislation.

Perhaps my career in marketing and PR is clouding my vision but this just feels like a big publicity stunt.

Thanks for your well written comments; I am in
complete agreement.

Why can't both be true?

That is, that it's a heartfelt message from the President AND that it was done keeping in mind the possible political ramifications for doing so.

He's not all that different from the previous 43 people that held that job, you know.

Whether or not I think this is just PR is irrelevant. It's not about me. I'm not a struggling gay teenager anymore. It's about gay teens.

Like Clinton calling Pedro Zamora before he died. It meant wow the President is actually thinking about gay people with AIDS...unlike Reagan. Crumbs? Yeah, but again we're talking about struggling teenagers.

If you have a life saver to save a drowning kid, you don't bitch and wait for the life boat, helicopter and rescue team to come.

We need rights from the top and support from the bottom. We need both. They're equally important.

...and that's the frustrating struggle.

Renee Thomas | October 23, 2010 3:10 PM

Apologies for belaboring the obvious . . .

"The proof that one truly believes is in action"

--Bayard Rustin

With the Tea Baggers poised to storm the Congress on the crest of a wave of right-wing stupidity unseen in our time, you Mr. President have largely squandered your bully pulpit.