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Queering Willow Smith's Whip My Hair Video

Filed By Jason Tseng | October 19, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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I'll admit it. I've been slightly obsessed with Willow Smith's new single "Whip My Hair", the budding pop star's debut into the music industry. There's no doubt that Willow has just as much star potential as her "Karate Kid" brother (*cough* karate is Japanese, kung fu is Chinese *cough*), but what drew me to this addictive little tune was not only its fierce hair whipping ways, but also the video's definitive queer elements.

Willow Smith enters a drab world of monochromatic whiteness where she stands out as a technicolor wonder, where she promptly proceeds to spray the world in rainbow paint with her hair whipping goodness. The paint transforms the boring white-wash world of conformity into a hopping, fabulous, fierce, and funky place where tweens can werk it out with the best of the drag queens. Does this remind anyone else of a certain Michael Jackson themed ride at Disney World?

Which brings me to queer point number two: Legendary vogue performer and transgender woman Leiomy Mizrahi who captured America's attention when she and the rest of Vogue Evolution became the first all gay crew to compete on America's Best Dance Crew. Leiomy makes a pretty significant cameo in the video as hair whipping teacher who schools her pupils in the proper way to "Whip my Hair."

It's great that we're getting such fierce trans woman dancing amongst Willow Smith's teeny bopper, chibi-Rihanna persona. I love it.

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theflyingarab | October 19, 2010 11:06 PM

I've been puzzling over whether the back of the toddler's jacket (it's visible around 3:38) is the lgbtq triangle.

either way, i think willow smith is awesome.

Although it does look very much like the LGBTQ triangle, I believe it is a "W" for Willow. Check out the "Whip My Hair" page on Wikipedia to see Willow's "W" insignia.

I'd never heard the song until I played the video. Now it's stuck in my head. I firmly hold you responsible, Jason.

Leiomy is transgender and not gay...Vogue Evolution is not "ALL GAY"

Leiomy identifies as transgender not QUEER. Lets acknowledge the TRANSGENDER PRESENCE!!!!!

I'm just guessing you didn't read the post which included these phrases:

Legendary vogue performer and transgender woman Leiomy Mizrahi

or the way the article ends with:

It's great that we're getting such fierce trans woman dancing amongst Willow Smith's teeny bopper, chibi-Rihanna persona. I love it.

lourdes hunter | October 20, 2010 7:36 PM

I guess you didnt read the title of the article "Queering Willow...Video" or when the writer mentions " definitive queer elements" or" Queer point #2" or the mention that Vogue Evolution was "ALL GAy"

Historically, Gays have stolen the spotlight from the transgender community. STONEWA;;...MARRIAGE EQUALITy....

Lets hope that we are remembered when its time to dole out rights. Cause if you have checked lately...trans folk dont have many.

I may seem a little green on the subject but what is the differcne between being gay and a transgender. The only difference that I see is that one totally changes his/her look to look like the opposite sex.