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Rep Tim Bishop: I'll continue the fight

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Editors' Note: Representative Tim Bishop (D-NY) is today's guest blogger. Congressman Bishop was picked by National Stonewall Democrats as an Elect Equality candidate for his record of supporting LGBT issues. You can donate to his campaign if you'd like to support the Congressman.

160px-Tim_Bishop,_official_photo_portrait,_2002.jpgWhen it comes to civil rights, I have a firm position that I will proudly share with anybody who asks. Equality is one issue where there is only one right answer. I will never back down on LGBT rights, and this issue is very personal to me.

I have a 31-year-old daughter whom I couldn't love anymore than I do. I don't think she could love me any more than she does, and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. My daughter happens to be gay. I want her to have the same rights, freedoms and protections that any father would want for his child.

In June of last year, she married a wonderful woman. Because it isn't legal for two women to marry in New York State, our family and had to take the ferry across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut for the ceremony. I want to live in a country and a state where all of God's children are treated equally, where we all have the same equal protections under the law.

During my eight years in Congress, I have repeatedly voted against Constitutional amendments that would ban same-sex marriage or define marriage as one-man/one-woman. I voted in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which prohibits job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. I voted to repeal the military's discriminatory Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

I am very proud of my record on LGBT rights, and I promise that I will cast my vote in favor of equal rights and protections for all Americans, regardless of how they express their gender and sexuality, as long as I have the honor of serving in Congress.

I have been endorsed for re-election by Equality Long Island, which is the political arm of the Long Island Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Services Network. I look forward to continuing to fight for equality and to a day when my daughter and every other LGBT individual across America can enjoy full equality both under the law and in their day-to-day lives.

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America makes me sick. This is not the country I grew up believing in.
In the America of my youth we were equal and free to do as we liked as long as it did not hurt anyone. Name calling, fighting, and telling lies are wrong. We welcomed people from everywhere and rejoiced in being a “melting pot”.
What happened!?
As a woman;
My education costs the same and I have the same bills but I will not make as much as a man at the same job. We can’t seem to pass an equal rights amendment after 40 years.
My reproductive rights are constantly debated and at risk of being changed.
Dead beat dads are protected because the states can’t seem to agree on going after them and we can’t use social security numbers to track them down. While there are services set up to help the single moms, there is not much out there for the single dads or the dad that wants his kids.
As a lesbian;
I am not allowed to get married, serve my country, and no federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Plus having to watch and listen to the lies and hate being spread around by people in power. Some of who are engaged in the very activities they spread lies about! What few rights as an American I can enjoy are scattered, partial, and change at the drop of a hat.
The gay community is no better. They throw money behind organizations and leaders that do little or nothing. We have our own forms of discrimination and because of the closet and those STILL in it, we have no real idea how many of us there are. The only time you can get a REAL crowd is for a party.
As a teacher;
I am responsible for so much and get paid squat. I have to work in a system that does not work and watch our kids fail behind other countries.
I see abuse by parents. I see abuse by the foster programs. I see kids abuse each other. The kids learn it at home and on TV. They see the election commercials where lies, misinformation, and bullying are how you get into office. They hear hate at church. Not all but many preach intolerance for other religions, races, and gays.
As a consumer;
Unfortunately most of the stuff I buy is made outside America. Thanks to deregulation, I watched my hometown die when the steel industry left.
I refuse to shop at a monopoly that hires cheap labor in other countries. It is the death of the American dream.
The media does have some redeeming values if all you watch is Nick at Night. Crime shows and most movies have become so graphic and violent that I wonder who are they trying to entertain. Is it really entertainment to watch how barbaric humans can be to other humans? We have desensitized our kids to the dangers of guns, blood, hate, and torture. How can we read the paper and be horrified by man’s inhumanity to man when we can’t wait for the next torturous, bloody, detailed episode of CSI or Criminal Minds??

I am not equal or free in my country. I am subject to ridicule and hate by turning on the TV, reading, the paper, going to work or school, or just walking down the street and my government allows it and so do you.
How can we feed our children all this and not expect them to want to kill themselves