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Republican: Gay marriage is like marrying table, clock, or dog

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 28, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"This is a slippery slope. In addition to that at what point are we going to be okay marrying inanimate objects? Can I marry this table or this, you know, clock? Can we marry dogs?

This is ridiculous. And biblically, again, I'm going to go right back to my fundamental Christian beliefs marriage is between one man and one woman."

--Republican candidate for Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, reminding us that Republicans suck worse

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I thought it was one man and his concubines.

So wait -- if men marrying men is like men marrying clocks then men are like clocks so wouldn't that be a clock marrying a clock?

So aren't you making the argument FOR gay marriage? If clocks should only marry clocks, and dogs should only marry dogs, then men should only marry men, and women should only marry women.

I can see the headlines: "Republican: Heterosexual marriage is like clocks marrying watches, poodles marrying pugs. This is a slippery slope! What next? Abolish heterosexual rights!"

Rev. Criss, that's brilliant. If only it worked that way. But perhaps we could start a campaign pointing that out, and maybe that would get them to stop with at least this particular stupid line (though they have many others to use).

Abolish heterosexual tax reparations!