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Whitman campaign tweets transgender cosplay video

Filed By Bil Browning | October 21, 2010 4:30 PM | comments

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Meg Whitman's campaign learned the importance of making sure a tweet doesn't go over 140 characters yesterday and they learned it the hard way.

Screen-shot-2010-10-20-at-10.41.34-AM-300x155.pngAfter senior campaign consultant Mike Murphy tweeted that the Deputy Sheriffs' Association of San Diego County had endorsed Whitman, her press secretary, Sarah Pompei, retweeted Murphy's message. She accidentally cut off the last letter of the URL Murphy had tweeted though.

Instead of an endorsement by police officers, Pompei sent followers to a video of a middle aged born male-bodied person dressed in a pink princess costume and lip synching to a Japanese pop song while pretending to play a giant guitar. Whoops!

The video is after the jump. (Via Mediate thanks to Projector Meghan.)

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Um, this person isn't lipsynching. They're lips aren't moving at all.

They're practicing their bass guitar. It's plugged into an amp, and as someone who's played drums most of my life, I can assess that they're pretty awesome. I haven't heard them miss their tie in to the bass drum yet. I also saw and couple of three finger pull offs that I know are actually really hard to do considering the speed of the song and the weight of bass guitar strings.

Once again, transphobic crap distracts from someone's actual talent and qualifications.

That's not pretending to play a giant guitar. That's some of the best bass playing I've ever seen. I watched the whole thing plus some of the other ones, because that is one seriously talented bassist.

I believe you mean "born male bodied" person. There's nothing especially masculine about them.

Thanks Gina. I'll make that change to the post. I really struggled over how to identify the person since I wasn't sure if they're trans or just dressing for cosplay. I think your suggestion is a much better fit.

Yes, I wish *I* looked that good! :(

Stonewall Janet | October 21, 2010 6:16 PM

It's an eight string bass, long scale (32" to 34" which is why it seems so big), four pairs of strings, one of each pair tuned an octave higher. Cute outfit but I don't know which character sie is supposed to be.

Maybe I should just watch videos of awesome musicians cosplaying instead of reading political endorsements in general. It would save me a lot of rage...

Don't know how to identify them?

Wow some people must lead a sheltered life. Start with The New York Dolls, throw in Boy George, Dead or alive and any one of thousands of hair bands/gender fuck bands.

And the bass playing rocks

provincialism at its most embarrassing | October 23, 2010 9:45 AM

bil, you really live in a weird little bubble there, don't you? Is it Indiana or just you? "Transgender cosplay"! You sound like a right wing christian who googled some "queer" nomenclature to sound "with it" but got it all wrong as usual. Kids have been rocking out with dress up since Little Richard, dude. Google -- kids having fun. "Trans cosplay"! LOL! Thanks for the belly laugh!

Holy shit, she is playing the fuck out of that bass! Man, I wish I were half that good! (Hell, I wish I were a quarter that good.)

Whatever Witman meant to send, this is 10000x better.