November 4, 2010

Waiting for Rights Never Works

Filed by Waymon Hudson | November 04, 2010 | 6:00 PM | comments

It's been a common mantra coming from the Democratic Party, the Obama Administration, large beltway equality groups like the Human Rights Campaign, and many others for years: just be patient and wait. We'll get to you and your basic civil...Read More

In Virginia the enthusiasm gap was very real

Filed by Michael Hamar | November 04, 2010 | 5:00 PM | comments

In 2008, Virginia trended blue on the promise of hope and systemic change, which was the hallmark of Barack Obama's in retrospect completely disingenuous campaign. A number of Republican seats in Congress went Democrat and there was much talk that...Read More

Prop 8's author defeated at the polls

Filed by Karen Ocamb | November 04, 2010 | 4:00 PM | comments

Though AP declared Democrat Richard Pan the winner Wednesday with 49 % to 46% and a 3,000-vote lead over antigay Prop 8 author Andy Pugno (pictured), the Republican still has not conceded the race in the traditional GOP 5th Assembly...Read More

Arizona: Fighting back against Mormon hate

Filed by Bobby Parker | November 04, 2010 | 3:00 PM | comments

I answered the phone a few weeks ago and my friend was sobbing on the other end. He was calling in outrage and grief at the suicide of a young man in Houston whose photo became one of the faces...Read More

No gender policing without ninja policing

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 04, 2010 | 2:00 PM | comments

Here's a great story on gender policing from a mom who took her son to preschool in a costume of Daphne from Scooby Doo: Two mothers went wide-eyed and made faces as if they smelled decomp. And I realize that...Read More

The LGBT Hate Crimes Project: Bullied to Death - Asher Brown

Filed by Terrance Heath | November 04, 2010 | 1:00 PM | comments

When I began hearing a few months ago about the rash gay youth driven to suicide by bullying, I immediately wanted to write about it. But when I sat down and started taking in the stories, I found I couldn’t....Read More

Indy appoints LGBT police & fire liaisons

Filed by Bil Browning | November 04, 2010 | 12:00 PM | comments

Kudos to GetEqual organizers for working with the Indianapolis Mayor's office to establish official police and fire liaisons for the LGBT community. While I brought you the juicy details and behind-closed-doors drama of the meeting last week, the city put...Read More

Florida starts waiting list for HIV/AIDS meds

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 04, 2010 | 11:00 AM | comments

Florida is cutting people off from HIV/AIDS medication, citing budget concerns: The number of HIV-positive patients applying to the $93 million AIDS Drugs Assistance Program (ADAP) has jumped as people lost jobs and health insurance, but squeezed state and federal...Read More

Beautiful Lucie: Vintage trans actor

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | November 04, 2010 | 10:30 AM | comments

Another wonderful and mysterious find, this beautiful late 19th century Dutch cabinet photo of a biological male who performed under the name Lucie. I'm hoping one of the scholars out there has seen or heard of this gorgeous person and...Read More

Marriage equality in the Ozarks

Filed by Davina Kotulski | November 04, 2010 | 9:30 AM | comments

Molly and I just got back from our Southern Fried vacation in Northwest Arkansas. We started in Bentonville, home of Wal-Mart, and drove down to Fayetteville home of the U of A Razorbacks and the Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality....Read More

What Democrats Can Learn from Indiana's Election Results

Filed by Bil Browning | November 04, 2010 | 8:30 AM | comments

The midterm election provides Democrats with plenty of lessons they can learn. Gullible pundits and conservative politicians will be throwing out advice like chickenfeed in hopes that media hens and party leader fowls will come peck in the dust at...Read More


No more chocolate cake

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 04, 2010 | 7:30 AM | comments

"It was more psychological than physical. Like, oh god, I might never have a bite of chocolate cake again." --Alan Bounville on his hunger strike for Kirsten Gillibrand to introduce a bill repealing DADT in the Senate...Read More

George Takei responds to Clint McCance

Filed by Alex Blaze | November 04, 2010 | 7:00 AM | comments

TV's Sulu responds to Arkansas's biggest douchebag. Thanks to reader Woody who sent this in....Read More