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And all is right in the Bilerico universe

Filed By Bil Browning | November 16, 2010 10:30 AM | comments

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If you follow me on Twitter or we're friends on Facebook, you've seen how upset I've been that I had to leave my beloved PB Kitty in Indianapolis when we moved to DC. Originally she was staying in our house PB-lap.JPGwith a friend who was going to rent it from us, but the friend decided to bail on us and the cat. Contributor Betty Salwak stepped into the breach and took over Peeb's care - driving at least an hour every day to feed PB, sit with her and give her love - and eventually a nice woman found through Facebook agreed to foster her.

Last weekend I was able to pick up my Pretty Baby and all is right in the Bilerico universe now. Peebs was always my blog assistant; she sat on my lap or on the back of my chair through most of the work day. She has returned back to work with quite a bit of enthusiasm and good cheer.

She does, however, keep giving me a baleful stare that seems to say, "We're set this time, right? You're not going anywhere soon?" I'm not, Peebs. I'm not.

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OMG, that look on Peebs!

That's the "don't you EVER do that sh*t again" look!

I love it. My kitty Jasmine often gets an "I've decided that you're spending too much time paying attention to things that aren't me." look when I'm at the computer or watching TV and she decides it's time to jump in front of the screen and chase my mouse pointer or something moving on the TV screen.

Y'know, I used to work in a pet store and learned long ago not to attribute human intelligence levels to dogs and cats, but I swear, sometimes I'm just not so sure they're quite as dumb as we tend to think they are.

Sorry to hear you got bailed-on. You need a better class of friends.

Our butterscotch kitty, Just Jack, would probably behave worse. When we leave town, his caretaker says he sits in the living room, back to the caretaker, and he does similarly to us when we return. The royal cold shoulder.

Just Jack 2010.

Ancient cultures worshipped cats for a reason.

Reunions are fun, aren't they?

I know right, we've known her for over 10 years and I never would have imagined she'd do something like that. We've barely spoken since; I'm fine with that.

Peebs really is a sweetie. I enjoyed our quiet time together, needle claws kneaded into my legs notwithstanding. She won't have to miss you anymore, Bil, but we left behind in Indy sure will.

Hi Bil,

I know how you feel about “Peebs!” I would simply be lost without my assistant writer and expert editor “Rusty” on my lap “Keepin’ it real!”

When Rusty’s not sitting in my office window guarding and protecting me from killer leaves and squirrels he’s on my lap thoughtfully contributing to my work. Rusty is quite the instinctive editor. Rusty always knows when he simply must paw my delete key and purrs proudly during and after all of his amazing contributions. He always gives me a “Burrrrpppt” when I’ve written a particularly good sentence or paragraph.

Right now Rusty is tolerating a visit from his little niece, “Luna” who is 14 years his junior. Luna’s mom, my daughter who lives in DC, is moving to a new apartment so little “Luna Tuna” is here with her “Uncle Rusty” for another week. Little Luna is studying how to be a good assistant writer and editor and she’s making great progress.

Rusty is the kindest, most gentle soul I’ve ever known.