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Bad Advertising: Suit Supply

Filed By Bil Browning | November 01, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Why am I surprised so often when advertising agencies or companies decide to "push the boundaries" and end up with egg on their faces? This is no exception. While Jezebel reports that the Dutch company, Suit Supply, has removed the images from their Facebook page after they were "deemed offensive," I found them on the company's fan page - along with a link to the Jezebel article. After all, what makes a campaign like this "successful" if not publicity?


What says "well made suit" more than peeking up a woman's skirt? How long before there's an ad for cold medicine that shows a man dropping the pill into a woman's drink with the tagline "Ruffie her so she'll go to sleep with you!" See how that easy that was? I took date rape and made it edgy, right? *sighs*

Check out two other ads from the campaign (titled "Shameless") that could be not safe for work in a prudish workplace after the jump. Yes, the ads get worse.



So what do you think? Did the company go too far? Or am I just over-reacting?

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What's offensive about these? I think they're sexy.

The blue dress has nice lines and a good flow but I would never wear those boots with it. I think silver 4 inch heels would do it better justice.

I have heard it said that effective Advertising is not so much about being good, or intelligent, it is more about making an Advertisement that you remember. Apparently looking up a women's skirt, or appearing to be engaged in Coitus calls into memory the brand of the suit the male is wearing in the average male mind. Since I do not have a male mind, it just appears to be in poor taste.

I think that these ads are so over the line that they just make fun of themselves. Right?

Well just to get Andrew involved let me point out that she is obviously a born again Christian who knows that this is leading to some sort of rapture while he must be an agnostic who is intrigued but questioning whether a God exists to grant his prayers.

Two things: He can look up my shorts any time he wants. And, if God exists, he'll grant her prayers. And mine.

Nothing over the top here, compared to what's out there.

And the suits are not that great. Is it just me, or do they look like they're cut badly/skimpily?

It is just not you, the suits do look poorly cut or tailored or fitted. They are likely relatively cheap suits is my guess.

To be clear, though - I don't find the ads offensive. They depict voracious, not non-consensual, sexuality.

Bad tailoring, on the other hand - yuck. No, seriously.

Yeah, at least it is all obviously consensual -- in fact, I think that is the point that the ads are supposed to subliminally plant into our (straight male) minds: "Wear our hot suits and beautiful young women who are edgy clothes horses will beg you to have public sex with them." Oh, really?

Ha, they're more likely to say: "While you're in THAT cheap thing? Nice try!"

Bingo, Yasmin! ... and I'm tempted to add that no self-respecting gay man would be caught dead in that suit with the large, ugly blue plaid pattern in the top picture ... then in the bottom pic, solid blue corduroy hasn't been in style since The Platters retired.

These ads are WAY over the line! As ads. Using women's bodies to sell men's suits is misogyny! The women are spreading their legs for a suit? Not bloody likely!

That said, I agree with Deena about the boots.

This looks like another example of how het pornography has become just another advertising method. Given the responses above, it seems as if this makes other people yawn. I think they're the same old, misogynist, vomit-inducing crap.

These ads are on billboards for my children to see. I think my children (five and six years old)have a right be given proper sexual education and develop a sense of what is proper behavior before being exposed to this. It's not fair to them.