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Bait and Switch available now!

Filed By Austen Crowder | November 29, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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Tags: closet cases, furry, LGBT youth, novel

Bait and Switch, my first published novel, is now available. You can read an excerpt here.

In Fenton's world, some kids are toons.

Some think the change is biological.

Others say the change is social.

But some kids turn into toons, and Fenton's father just wants it to stop. He's even built a Realist political movement to ban toons from the real world, hoping that it will keep his own children from following in their estranged mother's cartoon footsteps.

Tensions rise as the Realists lobby to get their ban set into law, and toons fight for their right to be themselves, and Fenton's father knows that he can count on his two sons to stand behind him as his dream of a toon-free reality comes to life.

It's just too bad that Fenton's becoming a toon...

Please consider picking up a copy, as every dollar I make from this book goes right into my surgery fund. That, and I think the book's pretty darn cool, so that's something.

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Big congratulations on the book neat!

Sounds pretty cool. Did you publish it yourself? I don't see any publisher info on Amazon.

It's actually published through Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing, a small-press affair. Working up the ladder. :)

I picked up a copy and will probably get a new one for a friend, but did you do all the work yourself? Amazon is lacking publishing info and I wasn't really sure as I just bought the item.

Bonnie Smith
COO/Director FXP

Anthropomorphic Dreams actually published the book - they're sort of a small, niche press.

I can't believe I never finished writing the forward for you. I am the worst friend possible.

Forgive me?

Of course. Just let me know what you thought of the book. XD

Listening to the excerpts, I'm intrigued. It might have to wait a bit 'til I can afford it, but I'll have to pick it up some time soon.

Also, have you considered epublishing through a site like Smashwords? By my understanding they publish to most if not all major e-book stores, and have a pretty good commission rate. (I was hearing about them recently from This Week In Tech, a top-notch tech podcast.) I ask mainly because I checked after reading this but could not find your book in the apple iTunes bookstore or googlebooks.