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I've got a lot to be thankful for this year

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I'm fortunate enough to have several things to be thankful for this year. I wanted to publicly share the things that make me grateful and I'd encourage you to do the same in the comments section. thanksgiving.jpgYou might be surprised how long your list is too once you get started!

  1. I have family and friends who love me
  2. My writing is popular enough I have a fan page on Facebook
  3. I live in a city that values LGBT people
  4. The blog has continued to grow and expand with over 4 million page views this year alone
  5. I'm surrounded by pets who provide unconditional love
  6. All of the friends I've made because of the website - especially contributors Jill Weiss & Phil Reese
  7. Strong coffee with French Vanilla creamer
  8. Every day I have the opportunity to make my own schedule
  9. I've had a good year health-wise with few flare ups
  10. My social life has improved dramatically
  11. As I approach 40, my weight is still the same as it was in 10th grade
  12. I get to work with some of the best people in the LGBT community
  13. Boylan's Black Cherry soda
  14. I was able to see my dream of a police liaison in Indy come true thanks to GetEqual's David Stevens
  15. Fritz isn't suffering any more
  16. I've made friends with great new neighbors like Joanna, Jesse, Pat & Lauren
  17. Thousands of people have signed up for our daily digest e-mail, thousands more joined our Facebook fan page, and thousands more follow us on Twitter.
  18. Jerame has a full-time job again
  19. All the travel I've been lucky enough to do this year - Dallas, Austen, New York City, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Little Rock, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, & Las Vegas
  20. Public transportation
  21. I do what I love for a living
  22. My best friend Josh knows the cure for homesickness
  23. Alex Blaze is still willing to work with me for well below poverty level wages
  24. The work other activists do to make the world a better place
  25. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on TV
  26. I moved to a city with more independent eateries than chain restaurants

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the staff. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Bil!Quite an impressive list buddy. I'm happy that you've settled in and all is well. Hope you and Jerame have a fantastic day and weekend, full of happiness.

Thankfulness is a good quality. I'm thankful for much, too.

Mostly I'm thankful for good friends and family.

And I'm thankful that I can recognize when someone's trying to blow smoke up your rear, as in the Police Liaison here in Indianapolis.

Many folks had worked long and hard on that issue. The GetEqual folks arrived near the very end of that push. Their words and their actions were helpful. But they were not alone.

I'm glad they were there, whenever the train pulled out of the station. But on such a thankful holiday, we can't rewrite facts.

There isn't room here to list all of the folks involved in the push for GLBT police liaisons. inside and outside the police ranks. But it id not, by any stretch of the imagination, include only the GetEqual folks. Frankly, that insults a few council members who have harped on it for a long time.

Anyway...on the municipal front, the calvary is coming, and our Lite Colonel mayor will be retired next year. And replaced by a female who genuinely values our community.

Thankfully. :)

Cool - the holiday graphic is back in the masthead! I was wondering what happened to those.

Happy Thanksgiving to Bil and all of the Bilerico gang. It was great meeting you in person this year during your Seattle trip, although after all of these years I already felt like I knew you.

And I'm glad you were able to make the move to DC. I think you'll find that it's a lot more conducive for your work and life as an activist, journalist, and a gay man.

I'm thankful for Bilerico Project and all I have learned here in the last year or so. And thankful for my town which encourages our LGBT Center and supports our efforts. Raleigh is a great place to be.

Hope everyone has something to be thankful for.

Stuart Wilber | November 26, 2010 9:12 AM

And we are thankful to you and your contributors -I hope you continue to thrive.

I haven't tried Boylan's, but I'm totally addicted to Thomas Kemper black cherry soda ($4.99/4-pack @BevMo) -- YUM!

Congrats on the resettlement. It gets easier.

Lots of unique DC things. Nothing beats the Metro. Get used ot that, and when you come back home to IndyGo system looks like indyWent.

Georgetown, the free museums, the Botanical Garden in winter,'re going to have a good time.

Things you're missing in Indy:

The best burger in America, Workingman's Friend. We've got several Five Guys, too...they're good. But WF is supreme.

Midland Antique Market. Nothing like it in DC. Stroll for hours, and redesign your home inside your head.

July 4 Fireworks in the 501 parking lot.

Tree-lighting on the Circle. It was Friday night, and again, it was breath-taking.

The Eiteljorg Museum. Unique in all the land.

We've got nothing to compare, though, with Cherry Blossoms in bloom. Wait til you experience that on a daily basis.

David Stevens | November 28, 2010 6:57 PM

Very Touching Bil,Thank you! You can rest assure I am working hard to make sure the Liaison/s are more than just a title but are put to good use. However I am only one person and I urge people to contact the Liaison when they need them when their numbers are made public here shortly or they can always contact me; I am happy to help anyways that I can. -------- David Stevens or (317) 701-7180
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