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Charges dropped in Rainbow Lounge raid

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 22, 2010 10:00 AM | comments

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It's weird to even say that this is a good thing, since the fact that the police put someone raid-on-eve-of-stonewall-001.jpgin the hospital while raiding a bar for no reason should have led to charges against them, not the victim. Still:

In a statement released Friday, city spokesman Jason Lamers confirmed that the misdemeanor charges against Gibson and Armstrong had been dropped.

Public intoxication cases against Dylan Brown, 24, and Jose Macias, 32, were also dropped. Those cases had not yet been set for trial.

"As it is our official policy not to discuss municipal court prosecutions or litigation, the city will have no further comment," Lamers said.

Of course they aren't going to explain themselves - the charges were always silly but they had to file them in order to make the patrons of the Rainbow Lounge look like the bad guys (remember this?). The police brutality cases I read about always involve making the victim seem like a real threat, even when their story doesn't make sense. It's usually enough to get a lot of people on their side, people who instinctively want to believe that the police only do good except for a few bad apples, and they can keep on operating accountability-free because, deep down inside, they're good people.

And now that everyone's pretty much forgotten about it they might just be hoping that they can avoid the media spectacle of a trial that would have happened if they really tried to argue that a man who was beaten by police until he suffered brain damage was really just so drunk he hit himself and was a threat to the police's safety in the process.

The police, on the other hand, already acquitted themselves a long time ago. Thank goodness! We wouldn't want organized, armed people who use violence regularly to be accountable to someone, would we?

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Are any of the victims of this police action in a position to sue for damages or excessive use of force or whatever? Did the police make them sign an agreement not to sue in exchange for them dropping charges?

Anyway, the anger I feel that this still happening anywhere, makes me want the police to apologize & reprimand the officers involved. I also think considering their bias against gays, these officers should be dismissed for their homophobia & actions.

I know that there will never be justice in this matter, but I can dream can't I?

Is there an update on young Mr. Gibson's condition?

That's great, but how does the victim get his pound of flesh? I know the cops exonerated themselves (shocker!), but is he suing?