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House now 33% gayer

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 03, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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There will be four openly gay members of Congress come January. David Cicilline was elected last night.

david-cicilline.jpgThat means that we'll go from two out representatives in the 110th to four in the 112th. If we keep on doubling at that rate, in 2035 we'll have a simple majority with 256 out representatives and we'll have completely taken the House over in 2039.

Perhaps by then an inclusive ENDA will get through the House.

Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline (sis-uh-LEE'-nee) has become the fourth openly gay member of Congress, winning the House seat vacated by retiring Rep. Patrick Kennedy.[...]

Cicilline says voters are tired of partisanship and he hopes to "find common ground" with Republicans in Washington.

Ha! Good luck with that one.

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Maybe congress will think about bringing up ENDA in 2039 only to be tabled until 3039, there will be a big discussion as to will the ENDA pass if we drop the T's from consideration! Oh Wait, that also happened in 2008 so lets bargain with them! After all is it not better to have Incremental changes first? Then we will come back for you!

So effing what. They'll drop the Ts from all ENDA considerations. It's okay for me, all me papers are in order and I am legally male down to my birth cert. But there are a lot of ppl it's not ok for, and I reject the notion that "they'll come back for us."

Bull fucking SHIT. There's more trans hatred from gay/lesbian ppl than from straight ppl. What are those of us who are trans AND gay supposed to do? Who represents us?

I wouldn't have voted for Donna Milo if I lived in Florida but I voted for him.

Cicilline says voters are tired of partisanship and he hopes to "find common ground" with Republicans in Washington.

"find common ground"? Like where? campaign finance? electronic surveillance? drug testing? net neutrality? Comments like that are what make me wonder why he didn't run as a Republican and save me the trouble of voting against Loughlin.

If David Segal decides to run against him again in 2012, I'll volunteer for Segal again, too. I'm beginning to think having one more numb nut like Loughlin in the House wouldn't have made any difference at all. Having someone who isn't bought and paid for, who stands for what they believe in and isn't afraid to lose, might make more of a difference in the long run. No one will truly have their own narrow minority rights needs met unless everyone's human rights needs are met.

Who knows. When these people start there's a lot of nice-sounding rhetoric. Since he already won he deserves a chance to screw things up first.

Hi Alex,

Maybe I should temper my remarks a bit. Loughlin would have been a disaster. I wish Cicilline well. I do not look forward toward him being a strong proponent of civil liberties, however. He is very centrist from a Rhode Island perspective. I don't think he will be a strong advocate for anything that is even slightly controversial. I don't think that is something gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, transsexual, queer or intersex people need in times like these.

Segal was certainly a dark horse but a very serious candidate with a lot of support from progressives nationwide. He's written a series of articles in the Huffington Post with Aaron Schwarts, cofounder of the Progressive Change Committee. I was very impressed with the support he has gotten from people like Larry Lessig, founder of the Center for Internet and Society, board member of the EFF, etc., etc., etc., and also the grassroots support he had from people involved in prison reform, the working class neighborhood he represented in the legislature, his advocacy for the SEIU workers who were on strike at the Westin Hotel in Providence, etc.

Hopefully, we will be hearing more from Segal. Hopefully, Ciclilline will serve us well. Hopefully, there will be another opening availble for Segal to apply his talents and drive to overcome more than forty years of stagnation and backsliding.

this is what we could have gotten:

I don't have a clue as to what Segal's sexual orientation is but GLBTQI and plain old human rights would have been a given with very strong advocacy from him.

This is what we've got instead:

We will see, won't we?

Well I will only be 81 by then. Do you think I will have need for an Employment Non-Discrimination Act by the time I get that old? That is assuming I live to be 81 of course and that I would still in good enough shape health wise, after they Republicans kill Obama Care and privatize Social Security. They will not have "Death Panels" in Obama Care at least, as they will starve everyone to death who is not a millionaire. Perhaps that is their fix for the budget and unemployment problem, they'll just starve everyone to death that were kind of depending upon collecting Social Security in their later years and if there are a few die from illness out of the work force, it will relieve the unemployment problem.

I'll still be working if I'm in good shape by then, but I'll probably be more at risk of ageism than homophobia.

Ah . . . it's 25%. One divided by four.

House gay caucus also now 33% less blatantly transphobic.

As long as Barney Frank is THE LGb...(t) legislator, trykes like me have no hope of employment rights.