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IN Republicans will fight for marriage amendment

Filed By Bil Browning | November 16, 2010 1:30 PM | comments

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Fresh on the heels of a Republican sweep of Indiana's state legislature comes news that conservatives will once again try to push an amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Rep Chet Culver, long a proponent of anti-gay discrimination, has promised to bring the amendment back for another go-round. Indiana's House was narrowly controlled by Democrats before the election and former Speaker of the House Pat Bauer always killed the legislation before it could come to a vote.

middle-finger.jpgHoosier blogger Doug Masson succinctly puts his finger on the motivating factors and the consequences for the state's image:

The real urgency these folks are probably facing is that public support for giving gays the same rights as everybody else seems to be steadily on the rise.

It's always a danger to project your own experience onto the world at large, but I believe polling data supports my doing so in this case. I've gone from homophobic to indifferent to supportive of gay rights over the last 20 years. I think the world is headed in that direction; and I wouldn't be surprised if guys like Rep. Culver see that trend as well.

Either way, I'm not a fan of mucking about with the state Constitution absent some great need... We should avoid sending the signal (any more so than we already do) that we're an intellectual backwater, hostile to progress, by deliberately injecting discriminatory language into our founding document. Otherwise, we'll likely reaffirm the notion that we're just the big middle finger of the South sticking up into the Midwest.

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I wish I could say I was surprised. As soon as the sweep was reported, however, I knew that this amendment was coming. I just hope they keep their nose out of the trans experience as they have for the past few years.

I'm increasingly convinced that the courts will be the only path to salvation on anti-gay marriage amendments. We sure aren't winning in political policy as it stands now, and our lobbying efforts seem to be more a stopgap against further discrimination than actually gaining any ground.

Doesn't surprise me. And as much as Bauer won't admit it, I bet he has a few members in his caucus that'll vote for it if it does come to a floor vote.

Indiana voters must be drinking the same KoolAid that the Outstate Michigan Voters do. Causes their brains the shrink down to the size of a dried pea, their balls to become all brassy, and gives them the belief that only their views have merit as they turn the radio dials to Conservative Talk Radio for further instructions, or FOX News on how to completely make their brain disappear.

As much as I despise the attempt, by all means let them try. Maybe they need a lesson in what their hasty actions will wrought.

When we start permitting amendments that take away free will, protection from unjust laws, and forceful exclusion of protections you create a system that will consume you in the end.

It then becomes a matter of who and what will be judged next. Who will be the judge. More importantly when will it end.

Have we not learned our history lessons yet. Obviously not. :(