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Indy appoints LGBT police & fire liaisons

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Kudos to GetEqual organizers for working with the Indianapolis Mayor's office to establish official police and fire liaisons for the LGBT community. While I brought you the juicy details and behind-closed-doors drama of the meeting last week, neverhide.jpgthe city put out an official press release yesterday afternoon.

Of particular interest: Note that Indiana Equality isn't mentioned in the press release. After all the theatrics from their lobbyist as they tried to grab credit for the positive news, to be shut out like that really has to burn their asses. Good. They failed when they attempted to get just a police liaison appointed when they jumped on my call for one after the tragic murder of a transwoman and her boyfriend in a blatant attempt to try and grab positive press; as with most Hoosiers, the city didn't take them seriously.

The official press release - including the unexpected announcement of a fire liaison as well - after the jump.


November 3, 2010

Media Contact:

Carolin Requiz Smith
Chief of Staff/ Deputy Director
Department of Public Safety

Department of Public Safety Announces Liaisons to LGBT Community

INDIANAPOLIS - The Department of Public Safety announces today, for the first time, the appointment of IMPD Officer Rebecca Uberta and IFD Officer Ruth Morrison to serve as liaison to the LGBT community in Indianapolis. IMPD and IFD liaisons will work with the LGBT community to enhance the delivery of police and fire services as well as field complaints. Additionally, the LGBT community will participate in IMPD and IFD recruit, in-service and promotional training.

"GETEQUAL Indiana is extremely grateful to the Indianapolis Public Safety Office. Not only will the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community now have a voice within the police and fire departments," said GETEQUAL Indiana Administrator David Stevens, "LGBT people and activists will have better access within these departments when they are needed and warranted via the liaisons; thus the hope is services to the LGBT community from these departments continue to thrive as they always have in the past."

"The Department of Public Safety is committed to serving all members of the Indianapolis community. Today's announcement establishing police and fire liaisons to the LGBT community, according to Frank Straub, Director of Public Safety, demonstrates our commitment to service and inclusion. We look forward to working with the LGBT community, exploring issues involving the LGBT community in police and fire training, and partnering on future projects."

For more information, please visit or visit the DPS Facebook page.

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Great! Progress is always welcome. :)

Have people had problems with the Indy police on gay issues? I havnt been here kong, and had only one (positive) interaction.

Good job David Stevens. Conversation beats confrontation. Thank-you.

Despite my initial skepticism, I do hope this works out well.

In any mid-Western city it can be assumed that there are a certain number of policemen and firefighters that have homophobia issues -- and establishing community liaisons sends an opposite message, and opens the door for community training programs.