Mike Rogers

Jesus is King

Filed By Mike Rogers | November 16, 2010 2:30 PM | comments

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Tags: Burger King, Jesus, Poland

Please forgive me. I stole the idea from Rachel's show. Poland has a giant Jesus. There is some debate as to whether this is the tallest one or not. I think I know where they got the model from.


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Better not say too much here, with the Conservatives in Washington and the Democrats on the run, the Military might decide there is a Jesus statue gap, and Congress would then feel compelled to pass an amendment to the Defense spending bill that will fund a secret Jesus statue that is double the size of the one in Poland. It would likely be located in Area 51 near Roswell, AZ party to keep it secure, and partly because it is McCain's state.

OMG, this country is going downhill, we don't even have the biggest Jeezuz anymore?

I thought it was Brazil that had the biggest Jeebus statue...

No, Michael--clearly they were basing it on me. The beard. The magical powers. The tiara. Let's be real here--Poland Catholics have a hard on for my Jesusocity.

MUWAH--Michael, love when you post, DO IT MORE!