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Jon Stewart: It Gets Worse

Filed By Bil Browning | November 16, 2010 3:30 PM | comments

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Last night's Daily Show episode had a segment on John McCain and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. He brings in the public service announcement that showed Cindy McCain saying she supported repeal, Senator McCain's flip-flop on repeal, and Cindy's eventual tweet saying she supported her husband's position.

As you can guess, that's a ton of possible jokes. Jon Stewart hits it out of the park in this segment - and his PSA aimed at McCain, "It Gets Worse," is priceless.

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The stalling on repeal of DADT is getting beyond belief. The need for this "Study" is and was bunk. They could have learned what they needed to know by just asking any number of the NATO countries that already allow openly Gay soldiers to serve.

It is funny how Conservatives only see waste in the areas which they do not support like health care, or the cost of enforcement of non-discrimination laws, but can spend millions and millions on study after study on something like Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Perhaps if they go on long enough with it they can match the 65 million dollars they spent on finding out the sex life of Bill Clinton.

What he really wanted was a study to study the feasibility of studying what kind of study to study the study as needed to provide the requriements of what a study would entail if said study were to be studied by someone who studies such studies.

By my estimation, the studies envisioned should take 12 to 47 years and cost 1.3 trillion dollars. Now, while that may seem high, if we study the underlying costs associated with said studies I’m sure we can provide a study on cost savings that should only cost a billion or two and take a few more years to complete.

Or, I can do an accelerated study and have the results back to you in 24 seconds and tax payers $$$ could be saved for things like Congressional pay raises.

Let me go study this...

misswildthing | November 16, 2010 7:19 PM

And it's going, going, gone. A home run

The moment that really stands out for me in this segment is Wyat Cenac saying to the camera "...the George Wallace character, that's going to be you!"

I think that right there is part of what Cindy and Megan McCain have been trying to save John McCain from over the last few months, and I think Jon Stewart and The Daily Show's writers absolutely hit the nail on the head with that point.

The longer McCain goes on, and the more he fights to be identified with the battle against a DADT repeal the more tainted his legacy is going to be when the histories are written.

Too bad he's too wrapped up in his macho homophobic crap to see it.

John McCain would sell his mother and say anything to get reelected. Here's a guy who crashed three military planes, one on the deck of a carrier that resulted in the deaths of several of his fellow servicemen. McCain is a joke. John, Shady Pines calling, your Thorazine drip is ready...You're destroying your former hero status.

As far as bullying is concerned, it's hard to sell that as a bad idea to kids when you have a high school basketball coach in Jackson, Mississippi beating some of his players with a 5-lb. weight belt for screwing up plays while other members of the team watched and snickered (as reported on CNN).

As Rodgers & Hammerstein wrote, "You have to be carefully taught to hate."