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Love letter from DC: 'You Are Sick People'

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I got this love letter today from someone in DC.stupid-people-shut-up.jpg

To: Ms. Gloria Nieto, Mr. Bevan Dufty, Mr. Michael Petrelis, Ms. Masen Davis, Mr. Rick Jacobs, Mr. Randy Allgaier, and Mr. Matthew S. Bajko
CC: Rep. James E. Clyburn

Dear All:

You were mentioned in a recent Bay Area Reporter article on gay activists' opinion of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's performance regarding gay issues.

Please be advised of the following:

The letter continues - and gets much worse - after the jump.

Please be advised of the following:

  • Nancy Pelosi is a chronic liar and user.
  • The ex-gay movement is rising and will prevail.
  • Homosexuality and transgenderism are psychological disorders springing from early-life faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent. They indicate deep-seated gender self-alienation, and are preventable and treatable.
  • More information (in contrast to the PC lies of the American Psychiatric Association and its Leftist-dominated sister organizations) is available through the National Assn. for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, the International Healing Foundation , People Can Change, and Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays.
  • Both parties have been using "gays" for forty years. Shame on them.
  • You are not "sexual minorities." You are sick people. There is healing for you, if you get skilled help and stick with it for years. More time spent on "gay equality" is time wasted.
  • The people have recourse to civil disobedience to all gay-egalitarian laws. Given the betrayal of the people by all three branches of the federal government, it may come to that.
  • GayScam will be known as a sad chapter in American history. The truth will out.

Thank you.

--Sharon Kass
Washington, D.C.

I deleted the web sites of the "organizations" she sent so nobody got the idea that I would promote changing who you are and who you love. Here is the link to the Bay Area Reporter story.

Since she started this letter off with a taunt of prevailing, I couldn't help but remember back to just a few weeks past when my beloved Giants were battling it out in the World Series. The idiot announcers for Fox (I know, ick) were beside themselves explaining to all us stupid baseball people that the Giants could not win.

They couldn't beat the Braves, the Phillies nor the Rangers. Throughout it was an ad nauseum repeat, over and over again that we did not have the hitting to win.

Guess what? We won. You now have the credibility of a retired catcher. A stupid one.

The author of the letter has now proven herself not only illiterate but has dropped an amazing size turd trying to tell us that we are not, well, whatever.

We are not supposed to use the word gay, shame on us. Really???

What else does Miss Manners tell us? Oh right, we are sick people. I may have been in the hospital a number of times since August but that doesn't mean that they ever treated me for being a big dyke. Matter of fact, I am pretty sure they didn't care, not once.

So excuse me for a moment while I address the letter writer...

Dear Sharon,

While I go about my routine of looking for a job, doing loads of cardiac exercise, harvesting the compost like a good lesbian, I hope you get a life. One that doesn't involve your apparent god-like obsession with myself and my tribes. In short, I don't care about you or your opinion. You are as relevant as the sweat on my ass in exercise.

Want to compete on this one? Bring it on. I'll meet you on the hockey rink or softball field. I won't test you on the field of compassion or common sense because you cannot play there.



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Aww! You've got a busybody stalker!

The New English! I am surprised she didn't concoct an Ex-Transsexual Movement... But she is in fact partly right, I self-alienated myself from a gender presentation that was far from correct. Besides, I hate the APA, they are far too 'rightest.' ;)

I've given up on reporting on all the hate mail we get every day. It can really take a toll on you.

If you're interested in finding out more about Sharon, you can read some of her posts at Intellectual Conservative. The title of the site alone should give away how good those articles are.

Apparently she's a pretty well-known ex-gay fanatic.

Michael McKeon | November 16, 2010 12:16 PM

Dear Sharon,

Go fuck yerself. And BTW, Rick Jacobs is not an LGBT Activist, he just loves a camera.

Michael C. McKeon

Curtis Haugeborg | November 17, 2010 11:57 AM

and right to the point.

they are a business scam for us to throw away dollar after dollar to their hate message through setup-for-failure therapies. no thanks. how about helping homeless gay people? civil disobedience against gay-egalitarian laws? wow, that's just dark and sick. They hate the idea of treating people fairly that badly eh?

About all Sharon Kass's diatribes seem to prove to me is that psychological counseling really needs to be included in whatever health insurance plan she has. This woman, Kass from what little I found about her said she was Jewish. If she is a real conservative Jewish woman, I am not even sure she should be voicing her opinion publicly but through her husband. At least if we are talking about being Truly Conservative and following the Mosaic Law which seems to be the direction her thoughts seem to run toward. Perhaps more troubling is the fact the groups she mentions and supports advocate imprisonment of LGBT Americans. This sounds a great deal like the thinking of the Nazi Germans. You know the "fun loving and accepting" group of guys that were in control of Germany in the 1920s through about 1945, and ordered something close to 10 million of those who practice her faith exterminated. Who's views and thirst to force their views upon others plunged the world into a war that something close to 40 million people died fighting. If she was indeed Intellectual I would think she would know that much and have learned that the thanking she supports is the same type of hate she seems to be so willing to support.

After the George Rekers/rentboi affair, I thought those people would melt away in disgrace.

Just come out Sharon. You'll feel better toots.

When reading letters like that I honestly wonder what motivates that action.

I'm not trying to be snide, but is she dealing with self-hatred, or has she experienced some traumatic event that has caused her to heap, like Ahab, all her hates and fears on one group that she most likely doesn't even know personally?

Just wondering out-loud as it seems one has to have a rather substantial reason to be motivated to act out on something that normally wouldn't affect one in any way.

If you have to put the word intellectual in front of something, or any descriptor that should be obvious or understood, it's clear you probably are trying too hard and are not that thing.

In response to sending out vitriolic unsolicited mail to people, here's your reply Sharon - stick it up your arse! hahahahaha

Oh and lol @ milo, good call :D

Also add to that, that if you have to write and shrilly try to convince someone you're winning... well obviously, you're not.

In other news things are getting verrrry interesting here in Australia. Hope you're watching Sharon!

Regards, Grace

As my mother used to say, "I rfuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person!"

Ms. Kass' comments lend further credibility to the truth of Amos B. Alcott's observation: "To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant."