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Obama's Presidential Library

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Contributor Andrew Belonsky has an interesting post up at Death and Taxes that looks at two colleges that want to be the future site of Barack Obama's presidential library. He gives a quick rundown on the history of the libraries and asks if the schools are predicting Obama will be a one-termer since this is usually something a President thinks about at the end of his time in office.

nl-logo.gifThe two schools currently duking it out are the University of Hawaii and the University of Chicago. Belonsky reports that Columbia and Harvard will also likely step into the fray.

Some obvious considerations will come into play with the decision. Is it close enough for the average American to visit? Since Obama is the first African-American President and Chicago is centrally located for the mainland states, I'm going to guess the library will go there. Hawaii requires a rather expensive plane ride that will rule out school field trips and I doubt tourists will want to visit a Presidential library over white beaches and snorkeling and drinks served with paper umbrellas in them.

What do you think? Chicago or Hawaii? Or are you voting for one of the upper crust schools? Tell us in the comments section.

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I guess the birthers get no say in this discussion; otherwise his would-be successor Sarah Palin might have made a point in insisting she could see Kenya from her front porch.

Really Bil, "one of the uppercrust schools"? You've exposed your heretofore well concealed elitist streak! Maybe you meant Butler...

Seriously, I think Univ. of Chicago would be a great choice. Afterall, Hyde Park and Jefferson Park are Obama's old stomping grounds as a professor and community organizer.

I have to say I'm surprised at Harvard and Columbia though. If I was on the leadership of a top-flight university, I'm not sure I'd want to be identified with a president who's turned out quite so gutless.

I'd go for Chicago - Obama served as both state and congressional senator for the state, so his political base is there. The he was born in HI is somewhat incidental - it's not something over which he had any personal control. His identification with IL was by choice, so the shame should be theirs.