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Rachel Maddow on Two-Faced John McCain

Filed By Karen Ocamb | November 16, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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Tags: Don't Ask Don't Tell, gays in the military, John McCain, Rachel Maddow

During Andrea Mitchell's morning show on MSNBC Monday morning, the veteran journalist told her guest Sen. Joe Lieberman that she was "stunned" watching Lieberman's friend Sen. John McCain on Meet the Press where he said he would only follow the generals regarding repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. What about Defense Sec. Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to whom the generals report? If the Pentagon survey is good enough for them, "why isn't it good enough for John McCain?" Lieberman agreed with Andrea Mitchell. Well, the indomitable Rachel Maddow went one step further - asking why anyone still listens to John McCain, given how often he changes his mind. It's an important question as DADT repeal might fail because of him.

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Rachel rocks..most of the time.

A pox on you, Arizona! Look what you've done!

We Hoosiers just sent Dan Freaking Coats to the Senate, and I apologize all-around. Arizona, we'll wait for your apology. Meanwhile, Gpa McCain is telling all of America: "Get off my lawn!"

The NYT reported Sunday, that former/new Sen. Coats lobbied on behalf of Cooper Industries, a Texas firm, when Pres. Obama threatened to yank their $500 mil tax break. Which they got for moving their corporate headquarters to Bermuda. Put in place originally by that paragon of virtue, Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson. Coats and his multi-million-dollar lobbying team prevailed. He doesn't apologize for it.

Ya see, these right-wingers, on some issues, they have no shame. Flip-flop. Whore around. It's all in a day's work. Cash the check. Marry-up to millionaire status. Give the finger to average Americans because you've "got yours."

And Wisconsin throws out Russ Feingold.

Damn, folks, pay attention! These terms last 6 years!

What a sorry-ass excuse for a Senate.

John McCon is a bitter and twisted old man. Just think, he lost the election to a man of a certain colour. How galling must that be.

McCon's politics are simple and not rocket science. It can be summarised in one sentence, that being, "who is writing the biggest cheque to get me re-elected"? It's no surprise he is totally discredited and morally defunct. But then folk are sheep and always frightened by the loudest dog bark.

And as for his wife. She appeared to one of the very few people to publically disagree with her husband's policy of open discrimination. But alas even though she has the money, I bet someone with more money telephoned her and said something like we will not do business with you anymore if you carry on with this NO8 campaign etc...