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Ryan Reynolds is Hot, but Going Gay for Him?

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Ever since Ryan Reynolds stripped off his shirt in the otherwise forgettable remake of The Amityville Horror, I have been patiently waiting for People Magazine to name him The Sexiest Man Alive.

Thumbnail image for Ryan Front.jpgAnd apparently I wasn't the only one. Or even the only man, gay or straight. A Facebook fan group was way ahead of me, it appears, and hilariously so.

"I'd Go Gay for Ryan Reynolds" has been in existence since at least 2006, and boasts over 300 members, mostly men, who strongly defend their heterosexuality. Except when it comes to Ryan, of course.

"I'm definitely not gay," goes a typical posting on the page, where one can browse various nearly-naked pics of Ryan, oiled and pumped, "but saying he's really good looking is a deep understatement." I'm glad this guy established his heterosexuality before swooning a little or I would, you know, wonder.

The page information sheds some light on the nature of the group, just so there are no misunderstandings. The page is a "No Homo Chapter," and it is right for you if "you're a completely straight male who is in no way gay except for the fact that you wouldn't think twice about going gay for Ryan Reynolds."

Thumbnail image for The Amityville Horror - Ryan Reynolds.jpgThat sounds rather emphatic, but maybe it's me. I'm not sure sexually repressed, questioning males typically have that much pre-determination. Who else might the page appeal to?

"You respect Ryan," it goes on, "for being an intelligent human being and know that there is more to him than just his beauty." Okay, why must members of this page give Ryan more respect than they do their own girlfriends? They keep raising the bar like this and they'll never break 500 members.

But oh, what awesome members they are. "His picture is in my wallet," posts Chris. Joshua says "this is the reason I joined Facebook." "Can't say I'm gay," says James, beginning with a common qualifier, "but that is one sassy lookin' mofo!" There's a poem written to Ryan, so charmingly crude you believe for a moment a straight guy wrote it.

The page is administered by Vlad, a man of around 30 if you trust his picture, who offers the occasional scolding about posts being too gay ("No postings in hopes of a man/man relationship! Except with Ryan.") or to report Ryan's accomplishments ("Check it, bitches!" he triumphantly announces Ryan's People Magazine honor, doubtlessly ryan again.jpgconvinced this will provide the boost in membership he's been waiting for.)

Vlad's own profile page doesn't betray his act, if it is one. Other than his vaguely suspicious love for Curb Your Enthusiasm (really? Larry David's humor seems a bit conceptual for the room.), there's no smoking gay gun. His likes include video games and sugar snap peas. Maybe he's eight.

Vlad has other ambitions, in case you thought he spends all his time away from the chicks managing a fan site for a guy he will never ever meet but dreams of boinking. Another group he administers is "MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON."

If the man has straight dudes writing love poems to Ryan Reynolds for all to see, sis better start thinking of middle names. Maybe the baby can go by Meg for short.

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I'd join one of those ex-gay camps and magically become straight, only to go gay again...for Ryan Reynolds.

oh. my. Gaaaaaad! I wouldn't mind teaching the guy a thing or two!

George Medeiros | November 19, 2010 1:43 PM

Sounds like these guys suffer from good old self-hating homophobia. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

I can see that might be the case (ignorant remarks on the site abound), but what's almost charming is how utterly unselfconscious they are in their adoration -- which makes me suspect they're pulling my leg. But among them, I'll bet, are men who really do consider themselves straight for have a woody for Ryan. And that's either sad or hilarious.

Internalized homophobia? Maybe. Denial? I wouldn't be so quick. Aside from the little homophobic comments here and there, the phenomenon seems pretty genuine.

It's not uncommon for someone to find themselves attracted almost exclusively to one gender, but then have one or two exceptions. If it happens repeatedly, they might embrace the identity heteroflexible or homoflexible. But if it really is only one person, is a change of identity really necessary?

Remember all the straight guys who liked Legolas whe LoTR came out? What about Rosie's allegedly fake crush on Tom Cruise? What about all the lesbians watching gay porn? And so on. "I'd go gay for..." or "I'd go straight for..." has been growing in popularity as a way to acknowledge when patterns of attraction don't fit easily into binary patterns. It makes sense to me for those who are 99% attracted to one gender rather than 100% or 25-75%.

I thought the gays were supposed to be all nice and stuff??

You called me immature (8) and old (30, old for what I actually am) all in one fell swoop.

And I like tetris... not all video games, get it straight Mark! (no pun intended). Sugar snap peas though... fanfuckingtastic.

OMG it's the man himself. Congratulations on your Facebook Group success! I'm going to keep an eye on your group and see if this posting raises the membership(with gay men like me joining) or lowers it (with "straight" guys bailing from too much attention).

Glad you have a sense of humor, though.

I just thought it was going Canadian...

Few of us are pure Kinsey Six's or Kinsey Zero's -- not even me.

I'm occasionally attracted to a woman -- I love the movie Thelma and Louise because I find both women attractive -- but I'm not stupid enough to mess up a woman's life by trying to have a relationship with her. Without exception, I reserve that level of stupidity for a male.

Vlad may not like the word "bisexual" -- and I would feel dishonest if I described myself that way -- but IMHO we're both saying there is just the minimum amount of bisexuality in us for each to be aware of it, and we each have unusual buttons that the unexpected gender can push from time to time.

I am reminded about when Hugh Jackman's Wolverine movie came out a few years ago, how straight male film reviewers were saying, "I'm not gay, but this is one unarguably sexy dude."

Well, there are certainly men that I can see the attractiveness of... And there is one that I have made the comment that "I would jump the fence for him". So I can see the possibility of straight men feeling the same way about a particular man, while still considering themselves to be "not gay".

Because I certainly consider myself to be "not straight".

This is like young people saying they had not known there were other homosexuals/glbt people, and suddenly finding lots of them. I had not heard of anyone else thinking Ryan Reynolds was a great person-not so much sexy as cute and lovable.

I did not "discover" him until I saw The Proposal. So it is great to hear he has so many supporters. But it seems to me the reason I like him so much is that he is so normal- watch him, as in The Proposal, go from being the assistant to this strong, it seems, female boss to, in the end, the man who drops the bag and kisses her, knowing what he wants. But his face is great to watch, his expressions, and then his body in the nude scene.

His talk on the plane about what he knows about her, and when she says she can't swsim, and he says, "its a boat." Great dialogue-the people who made this film, and wrote it, did a perfect job.
Now how about the man who plays the husband in Sweet Home Alabama?"