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So he's not a magistrate

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I posted this weekend about Joe Rehyansky, a part-time magistrate in Tennessee who wrote a column that read like a long apology for raping lesbians and fearing/hating gay men. Carlo in the comments linked this article that says he actually isn't a magistrate anymore since he was fired in April. Don't read the blockquote until you've guessed why he got fired:

magistrates_court_imagal_body22_470x350.jpgChief Magistrate Larry Ables said in a letter to Joe Rehyansky that the comments "were overheard during bond hearings for some female inmates who were brought to see you on March 18. These comments were confirmed by several employees of the jail and the court clerk."

Chief Magistrate Ables said in the letter, "In light of these comments, I will no longer need your services as a part-time judicial commissioner."

Mr. Rehyansky on Thursday said he regrets some comments made when it was late and he was tired.

He said when a female inmate leaned over he said, "I am not giving you an OR bond because of the cleavage."

Mr. Rehyansky said he was speaking with a female inmate telling her about judicial diversion. He said it was loud in the chambers, so he gave her his card and phone number and told her she could call him later.

In other words, that column didn't come from nowhere.

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He's not a magistrate, but he's definitely an asshole.