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The Great Chinese State Circus

Filed By Mark S. King | November 18, 2010 12:00 PM | comments

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The closest I've come to appreciating ballet or Swan Lake is my excitement over the soon-to-be-released The Black Swan, featuring a total freakout performance by Natalie Portman. Director Darren Aronofsky hasn't been this twisted since Requiem for a Dream.

That is, until I watched this utterly amazing clip of the Great Chinese State Circus production. At about :40 your jaw will drop... and stay there for the next three minutes. How does that hunky man do this? How does she do this?

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Regan DuCasse | November 18, 2010 12:17 PM

I'm an ex Ringling Bros. Circus dancer and I did Spanish Web and rode trick elephants bareback. The Chinese circus and acrobats that our show used were highly trained by state schools since they could walk for performance like this.
They tended to be disciplined to extremes and some kids could break under the strain.

Or... we can just believe that maybe they aren't human to achieve such ethereal and seemingly superhuman feats.
That's the magic of the circus!

I love this, but I still am a sucker for "Swan Lake" in FUNNY GIRL.

Ballet doesn't have to be the usual stereotypes:

As Linda Blair would say, "that was a very vulgar display of power." Only not at all vulgar, just beautiful and dazzling: a civilized shock and awe.

Inspiring, beautiful, and amazing.

AMAZING! That was completely AMAZING!
Brava! Brava!

Thank you Mr. King for bringing something beautiful to my attention.

Thank-you so very, VERY much for finding and sharing this video. It amazes me what humans attempt to do and succeed at doing. This was a wonderful example of strength, poise, balance and grace.
Swan Lake is one of my favorite ballets. I love seeing diffeent rendtions of it. I understand the additional swans as per the ballet. But they were distracting. Prince Seigfried and Odeal/Odette were absolutely wonderful. If I made a mistake in the names, forgive me.
Again, thanks so very much.

I had seen this once already but it deserves a look again, and again, and again. Truly amazing..