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The Week I Dragged Bilerico to My Level

Filed By Mark S. King | November 19, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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This week has been a blast for me. Thanks for allowing me to be "the new Alex" during his absence, and to bombard you with my pop culture lunacy! It taught me something, too.

Thumbnail image for Mark and Bilerico Grab.jpgWe all live in our comfort zones. Mine is writing and doing funny, hopefully educational posts and videos on my life with HIV. But really, I just want a hearty laugh and to celebrate what binds us: our families, our cultural obsessions, the whimsy of GLBT life and our collective sense of humor. This week reminded me of that, and I'll be back.

Please pay me a visit at My Fabulous Disease, where I'll continue blogging joyfully and sharing my journey. I hope you will consider joining my mailing list, or subscribing to my RSS Feed or becoming a Facebook fan.

Here's a quick review of my week and some posts you might have missed.


Critic Foyer with Title.JPGI revealed my movie queen tendencies right away with my video The Critic's Foyer, reviewing film and providing snarky commentary. But sex sells, so I did a jockstraps essay (you'll never see those two words together again) before completely pissing off the world with a thinkin' piece, Positive vs, Negative: The Truce is Broken. Goodness, y'all can throw down.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Bristol.jpgDancing Away the Sins of the Mother showed some love for Bristol Palin. You were skeptical. Then I went for cheap pet owner loyalty with The Top Five Most Adorable Animal Videos, before ending the day with a funny video about aging as a gay man with HIV, in which I played the part of myself and... myself. Who says blogging is self indulgent?


Thumbnail image for Elliott MAIN (2).jpgMy piece on the engagement of Prince William included my favorite line of the week ("Kate has surely been screaming 'crazy like a fox, bitches!' into her cell phone for the last 48 hours.") but I left the comedy to entertainment royalty when I posted Alice Ghostley and Kaye Ballard singing their classic, snarky "Cinderella" number. The day was put to bed with an adoration item about Sam Elliott, who set the gold standard for movie star looks and personal class.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for WizardOfOz 1.jpgIt doesn't get gayer than this, writing about Hollywood meddling with the classic The Wizard of Oz, but I remain undaunted. A video of The Great Chinese State Circus produced gasps in the blogosphere, and then I brought it home with a personal essay on the awkward topic of prayer, and a family prayer disaster.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Turkey Cake.jpgEarlier today I exposed a Facebook page for straight men who would go gay for Ryan Reynolds, if you can believe it (maybe you shouldn't), and a Thanksgiving Turkey Cake recipe that gives you a bloated feeling just reading the ingredients. And that brings us up to speed.

Whew! Thank you, my new friends.

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It's been great seeing all your blog posts for the week, especially the "critic's foyer."

richard king | November 19, 2010 9:48 PM

I loved all your essays and videos, but alas, Sam Elliot has again stolen my heart.

Thanks for helping out while I was gone, Mark!

You did a spectacular job, Mark. Your chipper voice and fantastic sense of humor were great additions to TBP this week. I'm so glad you agreed to do all that hard work!

Thank you, my friend, for all your help this past week.