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Video: 'You Are Not Alone!' Rally in Maine

Filed By R Conrad | November 22, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Tags: homohatred, It Gets Better Project, LGBTQ Suicide, Maine, teen suicide

Check out this awesome video of queer and trans young people (along with their adult allies) rallying for social justice in Lewiston/Auburn Maine. This is the video follow up to my previous account of the event hosted by Outright L/A that shed light on the issue of queer and trans teen suicide.

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Why is every event in which you participate "awesome" or the greatest, and all you do is dump on every effort by almost everyone else in the community? For example, you recently dumped on the "It gets better" project. Why not "let a thousand flowers bloom" and encourage and support everone's efforts, instead of only blowing your own horn, and ALWAYS dumping on others. Your "Against Equality" work supporting the opponents of marriage equality is another example.

see bil, i told you the trolls would find something to complain about. and they accues me of being a contrarian!? hehehehe...

You did, you did. I didn't see you say anything negative at all.