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Voices of the Past: Alix Dobkin album cover

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | November 03, 2010 2:30 PM | comments

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Found this wonderful old 1970's record album cover by the legendary lesbian/feminist/lefty activist and musician, Alix Dobkin. It's great to know that an older but still beautiful Dobkin has a beautiful website where she provides wonderful history and memories of her life for those who already know her and those who should learn more about her. (Her site is family friendly, so bring the kids.)

She recently published her memoirs, which sound like a must-read.


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While I appreciate the second wave historical perspective, Alix Dobkin is a right nasty transphobe.

Love how she complains about having to assure the Swiss that they had no part in the Holocaust in order to be heard... and then she complains that she has a right to her opinion on trans people and she shouldn't be called a fascist for it.

Love consistency!

Yeah, Alix Dobkin is one of the very nastiest feminist lesbian transphobes ever.

Gloria Brame | November 3, 2010 5:29 PM

Wow, I had no idea!! Really hadn't heard anything about her in 20-30 years.

Why, she hates us even more?

Oh, okay, no problem then, forget she ever wrote what she did. Presto chango... complete and utter exoneration, no proof required.

People evolve. If people didn't evolve then there would be no point in discussing anything.

Lesbians aren't going to disown her, no matter what sort of inhumane monster devil woman you make her out to be.

Also, lets quit pretending that trans men mirror trans women and let trans men speak for themselves.

Alix is an icon. And at seventy, she is still active.

For more about Alix's adventures in the 1970's you can check out the new annotated online archive for DYKE A Quarterly.

Alix was my partner during that exciting epoch. I took the photo and that's our wonderful doggie, Betsey. Did you know that that is the second cover for that album? The first was so poorly received that we had to change it. Now it's considered a classic. Times change.

Thanks for bringing Alix to your audience. She is a treasure.

Your blatant attempt to talk over Dobkin's vicious and overt transphobia is really all we really need to know about you or her.

Hi there - In the past, people who attack me as "transphobic" never ever say exactly what I have said or done to them or anyone else, so please be more specific if you can.

Well, you know what they say: if she walks like an anti-trans bigot, and she quacks like an anti-trans bigot, well, you do the math. I think your piece linked to by Gina above speaks for itself.

Read, please:

And I think the author of that essay is being very civil.

Thank you, Gloria for posting this & for your lovely comments, which I appreciate.