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2010: Blogs That Blew Me Away

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It's been a whirlwind of a year, and in the midst of it, a few blogs have consistently blown me away with their transformative, inspiring visions, so I wanted to publicly thank them here.

What no one ever tells you about bloggingTo the Other Side of Dreaming by Stacey Milbern and Mia Mingus is an epistolary blog in which two "queer disabled korean diasporic radical women of color" document their journey to create a home together. Start from the beginning (September) and catch up. Every single entry overflows with wisdom that can help move us all toward sustainable interdependence.

Adrienne Maree Brown's blog: Adrienne Maree Brown is envisioning and practicing a liberatory politics rooted in love, relationship, healing, and the deepest, broadest kinds of transformation. I think it's just the kind of vision the world needs right now, and I tend to nod with agreement, expansion, and excitement as I read each entry.

And, as always, the many contributors at Flip Flopping Joy have written another year's worth of challenging, essential posts on topics ranging from Wikileaks to mothering to meditation and Oscar Grant.

Which blogs blew your mind in wonderful ways this year?

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I have to continue to plug Zagria's blog: A Gender Variance Who's Who. She continues to come up with truly fascinating and moving portraits of trans and gender variant people from the last couple of centuries. She makes a great effort to reference her sources and the short biographies are incredible—stories which are at the same time heroic, devilish, sexy, chaste and incredibly resourceful ... every one of which would make for an amazing film.

I started reading the daily howler daily this year. Someone's gotta call liberals stupid.

I can see the outgoing traffic from this post. You sent the most visitors to Adrienne Maree Brown's blog. :)