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Chris Colfer: The Face of Hope

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This week on PostSecret.

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Glee, Dan Savage's It Gets Better Campaign and the other young people that have spoken up, have done more for our equality than the entire LGBT-advocacy industry.

It is encouraging to see the cultural conversation changing rapidly and helping our struggle for equality. The world appears to be making more progress than our own "hired guns."

We should withhold all funding to LGBT advocacy/activist organizations until they have a strategy to win.

Here is the REALITY.
Out of even the most conservative HS Graduating Class of 150 students... 20 are "popular", the "IT", the "shitznizzle", the "cool kids".
The rest of us were OUTCAST.

The "we" not Wii... know what it's like to be judged by either our looks, our sex, our sexuality and confidence.

Confidence is THE sexiest outfit ANYONE can ever wear and what I have ALWAYS told my own 5Philistines [[kids]].

Wear your confidence.

No one has to like it.
No one is commanded to like it.
No one has to be told to like it.

But confidence doesn't give a shitnizzle if you like it or not.
THAT is the first step in how it gets better.


Thank you so much for this. I wasn't the Kurt in high school, but my boyfriend was. I knew kids that were the Kurts in high school--one was from a Muslim family who could escape the frustration in the theatre. Another was on the track team and tried like hell to prove his worth to the other jocks only to be dismissed.

Here on Bilerico, its really chic to talk about how terrible Glee is, and how it doesn't depict this or that and blah blah. I wonder how those kids that are just like Kurt feel when they stumble on this blog telling them that they are stereotypes and that they're not the right "image" for the queer community. You think it makes them feel good?

Glee doesn't depict every aspect of our community, but that's because our community is so diverse, and that's a good thing. No one show could possibly capture all of the very awesome and very unique characters I come across every day working with the LGBT community. Kurt is one "type," and I can affirm he's a very real type.

Kurt is a really dynamic characters. Some weeks he plain pisses me off. Others I'm impressed as hell with his confidence, maturity and strength.

Its unfortunate that queer kids, so damaged from being bullied themselves in their youth, grow up to be bullies here on Bilerico--and their targets become OTHER queer kids (be they fictitious characters or otherwise). Its hard to swallow at times.

Betty, this post really rocked. I think it reminds us there's another side of the story that's not playing out here at the Project--the story of the kids who have NEVER seen themselves portrayed on television, suddenly seeing a positive portrayal of who they are and can be, and what they're capable of. I think its a shame that our other Project contributors are so blinded they can't see that. I'm glad you reminded us.

Really? Maybe it's because I'm older, but I can't imagine Chris Colfer as the reason to keep on going. To each their own though; if he helps one kid feel better about themselves, he's done a fantastic job.

Regan DuCasse | December 12, 2010 4:46 PM

He's cute and sweet, kinda like a fabulously dressed kitten. But the friends I had in school who were gay weren't like that, and although Colfer lends, I'm sure, a lot of HIMSELF to this character, it's still a fictional show.

I know that references are important if that's the group you're from. I LOVED Uhura in Star Trek as a kid.
She was so different from all the black women I knew, but knew had to be out there, I held out a lot of hope that such a future would be a reality and soon.
Kurt is among the misfits, he's not part of the popular gang. He's NOT the jock, or political star or ATYPICAL of a gay hero. He's not a character in a futuristic society where he would have been a person of the past, he's a real time boy who is trying to adjust.
He's even more of a misfit than the misfits are.
So THAT I'm sure makes him hero enough, and I can understand that.
Since he figures so strongly in almost all the episodes, I hope that we see Rachel's two dads soon, and Kurt have a real first love in his prep school.
It's certainly about time that happened.